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Transcendental lotus flower and sheer jasmine float freesia atop creamy vanilla and sandalwood, laced with musk. Kayali Musk 12 £84 for 50ml eau de parfum. A contemporary take on freesia's fresh-airyness, contrasted with fiery black pepper and earthy clove-like carnation. Diptyque Ofrésia £98 for 100ml eau de toilette Freesias are one of the world's most popular cut flowers. They are loved for their pure colors, long vase life and sweet perfume. The corms may be grown in a garden or in containers for spring or summer blooms. Each of the graceful 12-15 stems bears six to twelve trumpet-shaped blossoms

A fruity floral fragrance with notes of peony and red apple, followed by hearty notes of rose, jasmine and carnation. The fragrance is completed with soft notes of violet and plum and rich notes of musks and dry amber. Rose wonderland - (Lenor inspired Scent Descriptions Olk candle's classic scent: Tropical Aqua ( Olk candle's classic scent ) : Fruity peach, white musk, wild berries, velvety musk, freesia, cotton blossom, strawberries, pineapple (Smells like: Sweet tropical fruits You will receive a beautiful 1/3 oz rollette bottle of my lovely fresh FREESIA premium perfume oil. The perfume is bursting with the DISTINCTIVE and FLOWERY scent of pure fresh freesia blossoms in full spring bloom. This is a full-bodied feminine floral. This scent is EXTREMELY fragrant, very long lasting, and smells just OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

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  1. Almond Macaron Fragrance Oil - Warm, buttery top notes blend with crushed almond, sugar, warm vanilla and a dash of spice. This is a great versatile scent. Mix with other scents to create divine new choices
  2. Freesia, The Note That ALL Other Notes Want To Be Friends With. The Perfumers conspiracy theory claims that there is a dash of freesia essential oil in every popular perfume out there. The so-called secret ingredient for success. This floral note gets along nicely with most of the fragrance notes, which prompts us to think that Victorians were.
  3. Women's Fragrance Descriptions Listed in alphabetical order Absolu Rochas Acqua di Parma Citrus Notes: Rosemary, Lavender, Citrus Addict Christian Dior Alessandro Dell Acqua Adoration Floral Top Notes: Freesia Heart Notes: Apricot blossom
  4. e. This irresistible sensation combines the taste of indulgent caramel ice cream, rich in vanilla flavour with tantalising salty nuances. This unmistakable natural, fresh citrus scent of.
  5. Product description Haan Steam Scents in Freesia Breeze brings a touch of exotic, floral fragrance to your home every time you steam clean. Your Haan steam cleaner leaves floors and surfaces perfectly clean and sanitized - now it will also leave the fresh, inviting scent of freesia throughout your home
  6. The Purple People Market Place Freesia essence oil is uncut, alcohol free, long lasting; purely some of the best fragrance available

Description. Enjoy the beautiful scent of fresh fressia flowers in this highly-scented Freesia candle. All floral-scented candle lovers must try this candle Sweet Pea - This fragrance is a intoxicating floral blend of sweet pea petals and watery pear with freesia, fresh raspberry, and soft musk. Tobacco Bergamot Ylang - This fragrance is a blend of tobacco, ylang and bergamot. Tobacco Leaf - This fragrance is described as a fresh, citrus top with juniper berries and woodsy notes of vetiver Parma Violet - Identical to the scent of those little purple Parma violet sweets. packed with sweet and fresh base notes. Pear Drops - This fragrance initially provides a strong and prominent smell and associated with green apple, white lily and osmanthus. Pear & Freesia - A fragrance with top notes of bergamot, lemon and pear Freesia Sophia's Fragrance Oil 2-Pack | Refill for Effusion Lamp | Fragrance Oil Diffusing Scent for Your Home | 16 Fluid Ounces of Catalytic Scented Oil Made in USA SCENT DESCRIPTION: Clumsy white petals of lazy lily rest upon beautiful, vibrant freesia. This blooming beauty captures your heart. This pack comes with two 16oz bottles of.

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SKU: 40867 Categories: Scentsy® Bars, SCENTSY WARMERS & WAX, Scentsy® Sale Tags: NEW 2017 SCENTSY SPRING SUMMER FRAGRANCES AND SCENTS, SWEET AMBER & FREESIA SCENTSY FRAGRANCE 16 shares Description How to Plant Freesia. For outdoor landscape planting, dig holes and set your Freesia bulbs 2 deep and 3 apart with the pointed ends up. Cover the bulbs with soil and water thoroughly. For container planting, set your Freesia 2 deep and 2 apart with the pointy ends up for the most brilliant display. Cover the bulbs with soil and water. Freesia is a genus of herbaceous perennial flowering plants in the family Iridaceae, first described as a genus in 1866 by Christian Friedrich Ecklon (1886) and named after the German botanist and medical practitioner, Friedrich Freese (1795-1876). It is native to the eastern side of southern Africa, from Kenya south to South Africa, most species being found in Cape Provinces

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  1. English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone London is a Chypre Fruity fragrance for women.English Pear & Freesia was launched in 2010. The nose behind this fragrance is Christine Nagel. Top notes are Pear and Melon; middle notes are Freesia and Rose; base notes are Musk, Patchouli, Rhuburb and Amber
  2. Description Shop Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Scent Surround Diffuser at Bluemercury. The essence of autumn. The sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, and mellowe
  3. gs into candle. Keep candle burning within sight
  4. fresh floral freesia natural green: Odor Description: at 100.00 %. fresh floral freesia natural Luebke, William tgsc, (1992) Odor sample from: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. Odor and/or flavor descriptions from others (if found). PerfumersWorld: Freesia Fleuressence: Odor Description: Light flowery radiant fresh: Perfumery Laboratory.
  5. e, and rose with a background of fern. FedEx orders placed by 4pm CST ship same day! Buy now
  6. Product Description. This oil smells just like a relaxing bubble bath after a long day! It's a fresh and floral mix of orange, water lily, freesia, hydrangea, violet, musk, and sandalwood. Try Freesia Bubble Bath Fragrance Oil in your next project
  7. Freesia Fragrance Oil. Home; Fragrance Oils; 25 lbs; Price: $418.75; Add to cart. Add to wishlist; Email a friend; Tweet. Other products by Wellington Fragrance. Description; Also in Category; This is a clean, fresh floral. Frankincense-Myrrh Fragrance Oil. frankm $0.00. View Details. French Vanilla Fragrance Oil. fre $0.00. View.

DESCRIPTION. Freesia Nights Fresh and Floral scent. This spring dream Captures the essence of a floral scent infused with the freshness of freesia and at its heart is rose and water lily touched by the refreshing notes of bergamot wrapped with musk that evokes an ode to lovely summer evenings A sweet floral scent of freesia that is strong but fresh, with hints of soft lilac and jasmine. High quality fragrances for candles, soaps, lotions, and more. AAA Candle Supplies has a vast selection of highly concentrated fragrance oils to achieve the best results. Volume discounts available. Made in the USA I've loved the scent of freesia since I worked for a florist in college. It's probably my favorite fresh flower fragrance, and I wish it was easier to find in the perfume world. The truest freesia I've smelled lately is in Ineke Balmy Days and Sundays, where it is very green -- blended with a fresh cut grass note Freesia bloom was named by Dr. Freese (1785-1876) , a native of Kiel, Germany. The flowers come in a great variety of colors - white, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender, purple and bicolors. Freesia perfume has a light, sweet, soap-like floral scent - trendy in soaps, lotions and so forth. Freesia flower bouquets are also used. Description. Strong but not overpowering, the beautiful white floral scent of freesia is perfectly balanced by a peppery note, giving a lively and cheeky character. Loved and lauded the world over, a Diptyque candle elevates the mood and sets a sophisticated scene for any and every occasion. Specially selected by Space NK for its unrivalled.

Product Description. A sensuous floral combination of honeysuckle and freesia blended with a delicate touch of dewy sweet citrus zest. Amber and musk add enhanced balance and depth to this luscious bouquet! Fragrance oils are sold by weight, not volume Description: Freesia Fragrance Oil is a lush freesia with hints of white musk. Our Freesia fragrance oil can be used for soap making, hand lotion, body lotion, hand creams, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, bath salt, lotion bars, body wash, candle making, incense oils, potpourri oil, and incense sticks. Soap Makers: Usage rate up to 3%. Candle Makers. Product Description. This fragrance is sophisticated and not too sweet. The fresh freesia and juicy apricot notes are the perfect addition to handmade soap, lotion, and scrub Description. Our English Pear & Freesia fragrance oil is similar in notes and identity to the popular scent by Jo Malone. English Pear & Freesia features pear which is combined with quince which introduces honey sweetness and is surrounded with white freesia and wild climbing rose. A base of the composition is created of green, fresh and sour.

Product Description DermaCen® Shampoo and Body Wash, Freesia Scent. Shampoo and Body Wash DermaCen® 8.5 oz. Flip Top Bottle Freesia Scent. Central Solutions, DermaCen® Shampoo and Body Wash, Freesia Scent, 1/E Freesia Fragrance Oil. $ 4.99 - $ 119.00. A delicate and delightful Freesia fragrance oil featuring premium floral notes and rich amber and musk undertones. A classic fragrance oil for candles, soap, and lotions. Freesia Fragrance Oil quantity. 30ml Freesia Enfleurage, Organic. (Freesia alba) Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. ( 2 customer reviews) $ 8 - $ 92. Another very rare floral oil, highly prized by perfumers, our Freesia Enfleurage Oil has a heavenly, fresh, green floral aroma. Due to the limited supply of this coveted enfleurage oil, no returns

Horizon. A dark, mysterious and edgy fragrance that blends notes of caramelized black sugar, airy freesia and sensual Tahitian vanilla. NOTES: Freesia, Black Sugar, Tahitian Vanilla. 3 products Fragrance Description: Bella Freesia blends freesia blooms and delicate white tea with amber and cotton blossom in elegant splendor. Use and Care: Depending on your fragrance strength preference, use 10-20 drops of Home Fragrance Oil in a warmer. Do not allow oil to come in contact with finished surfaces as fragrance oils may cause damage Sweet Amber & Freesia Scentsy Bar. $ 6.00. Crisp layers of verbena blossom, freesia and sweet amber. Category: Uncategorized. Description

Choose your favorite fragrance as China Lily, China Musk, Dreams, Lemon Verbena, etc. for essential oils, perfume oils, inspired fragrances for men and women. Beyond Scents - Fragrances Hand blended Fragrances and Body Product Product Description. Product Details. A curated collection designed for pairing from Jo Malone London. Start with a spritz of mellow English Pear & Freesia, then follow with another fragrance. Try layering with sunny Honeysuckle & Davana for a fruity floral fragrance. Or pair with mysterious Oud & Bergamot for a hypnotic woody scent The freesia pear hand cream is great! The fragrance is amazing. I love the freesia fragrance by itself, but when combined with pear, it's amazing. The hand cream works really good as well. I work in the cold so my hands are always dry and cracked. This helps a lot to moisturize them Fragrance Description: Bella Freesia blends freesia blooms and delicate white tea with amber and cotton blossom in elegant splendor. Use and Care: Place your sachet in a closet, under the seat in your car, under your sink, or anywhere else you'd like a touch of fragrance. Sachets should maintain fragrant for up to 9 months from manufacture date ENGLISH PEAR FREESIA IFRA. ENGLISH PEAR FREESIA ALLERGEN DECLARATION. ENGLISH PEAR FREESIA CLP @ 10%. ENGLISH PEAR FREESIA CLP @ 25% IN NON HAZARDOUS BASE. ENGLISH PEAR FREESIA CLP @ 25% IN AUGEO. Notes: None of our fragrances are tested on animals. Never use fragrance oils directly on your skin; they must be diluted in a product or solvent first

Description. Freesia & English Pear scent diffuser exudes fresh scents that are a combination of juicy King William pear, earthy patchouli, white freesias, and a woody undertone that forms a floral, pure, and fruity mood in your space. This high-end best reed diffuser has freesia, amber, pear, and patchouli notes Top note of pear with middle notes of freesia blended with patchouli. Flash Point greater than 200°F, Vanilla Content 0% Download or View Safety Technical Dat Awaken your senses with a cozy cologne of freesia and juicy pear. Delight in our iconic, bath sponge meets body buffer, to thoroughly cleanse and deeply exfoliate with a spritz of our signature blend. Smells Like An effervescent cocktail of freesia with a hint of pear Feels Like A moment of peace and tranquility under a fragrant pear tree Jo Malone presents new fragrance, English Pear and Freesia, which unites English landscapes and seasons which are connected with souls of the British. Inspiration for this fragrance were also verses by one of the last great romantic poets, John Keats (Ode to Autumn). Jo Malone's creative studio chose a perfumer for this collection Description. Freesia Fragrance Oil. A soft melody of verbena blossom, lime and a touch of pepper draws you into the heart of sweet freesia, and a hint of lily, with dry notes of light musk and amber. Fragrance Application Guide

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Item description Details Seller's description. Shipping, Returns and Payments Details Shipping, Returns & Payments. item 4 SCENTS Hanging Air Freshener FREESIA- MUGET ROSE- HERBAL Scent (Pack of 3) 3 - SCENTS Hanging Air Freshener FREESIA- MUGET ROSE- HERBAL Scent (Pack of 3) $2.34 0 bids +$4.20 shipping. About this item. Condition. New Our Gentle Foaming Hand Soap with natural essential oils combines nourishing vitamin E with softening shea extract & aloe to deliver a luxurious foam that washes hands clean of germs while taking care to maintain skin's natural moisture barrier. Traditional hand soaps are just as effective as anti-bacterial soaps when you wash for 20 seconds.*

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Description: Same fragrance, new better-than-ever formula—this fast-absorbing lotion offers 24 hours of rich hydration, nourishing skin with a light mix of rain-kissed freesia and daisy. Fragrance type: Fresh Notes: Rain-kissed freesia and dais Bio-Groom Country Freesia fragrance infused shampoo is presented as our invitation to come to grow with us. Created to stir the senses, captivate by smell and cleanse beautifully! Bathing is a complete delight! It's a win, win, and win opportunity. Made from natural ingredients with added Chamomile and Aloe Vera, Bio- Regular price £9.99. 32677034491955 9.99. Exclusively available at Marshalls Garden this enormous sweetly scented soft pink flowers on super-strong stems can grow to 1.2m (4ft tall) in their first year and even taller in following years. Ideal for borders and containers, they are also a very popular cut flower

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Description; Additional information; Freesia & English Pear scent diffuser exudes fresh scents that are a combination of juicy King William pear, earthy patchouli, white freesias, and a woody undertone that forms a floral, pure, and fruity mood in your space. This high-end best reed diffuser has freesia, amber, pear, and patchouli notes A truly amazing combination for your spring and early summer borders and containers, Freesia and Ranunculus will treat your senses with incredible colours and delicious scent. Firm favourites with florists. prized for their attention-grabbing blooms, stunning scent, long flowering time in spring and early summer, and incredible vase life I seem to remember some descriptions of a freesia scent as soapy. Also crisp, which I don't get from the flower. Good luck in your search! June 6, 2011 at 7:40pm Reply. OperaFan: I love Freesia, and remember in the early '90s a celebrity was asked about her perfume. Her response was that she loved the flower and discovered Antonia's. Extremely sweet apparently. Some would say like strawberries. I would say,there is no real description. It is very quietly in a class of its own. It is very soft and I think a little like. Sheer Freesia (our version of) fragrance has been tested for the following applications: Melt and Pour Soap, as well as Personal Care Applications such as Lotion, Shampoo and Liquid Soap, Industrial Applications, Phthalate Free, Cold and Hot Process Soap, Candle Making. -Please Note - This fragrance may also work in countless other.

Freesia - Fragrance Oil-is the pleasant aroma of fresh freesia flowers. Vegetable Waxes & Paraffin WaxMaximum Use 10%Potpourri & IncenseMaxim 8) The Exotic and Elegant Freesia Reverence and joy brought delicate peace, which surrounded her like the perfume of the flowers themselves. The happiness of that afternoon was already fixed in her mind, and always would the scent of freesia recall it to her mental sight — Hugh De Sélincourt, The Way Things Happe (Freesia) 100% Pure Concentrated Fragrance Oil - 10ml Description. High Quality CONCENTRATED Fragrance Oils. Ideal for Oil Burners, Home Made Wax Melts, Candles, Soap (using appropriate emulsifier) etc. Supplied in a 10ml Child Proof Bottl Vanilla Freesia (15 scents available) $48.00. Quick View. Eau de Toilette Saffron Orris (15 scents available) $48.00. Quick View. Eau de Toilette Apothecary Wild Rose (15 scents available) $48.00. Quick View. Eau de Toilette Mountain Pepper (15 scents available) $48.00. Quick View. Eau de Toilette White Tea (15 scents available The inability of our language to fully capture the nuances of scents can be very frustrating. We associate scents with something - a place, a memory, a flavor - but most people struggle to describe smell on its own terms. Perfumers and professional fragrance evaluators overcome some of the communication issues by being trained to use specific terms to define fragrances

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Scent Descriptions You can not order from the Scent Description page, this page only offers the description of our fragrances. To place an order please choose candles or melts at the top of the page, once you decide on the product you want to order click on that product and add your fragrance choice from the drop down menu The olfactory groups, fragrance descriptions & triangles offer but a mere glimpse into each perfume and the fascinating experiences they offer. Oriental Fragrances Sophisticated, sensual perfumes created with heady substances such as musk, vanilla, exotic woods, spices, tropical flowers and other rich ingredients, such as amber, tobacco, spices.

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Chloe by Chloe is warm, feminine and a great signature scent. Chloe is a flowery women's perfume with pink peonies, freesia, magnolia, lilies and rose petals along with ripe litchis. A hint of cedar woods, amber and honey at the base makes this women's fragrance the best everyday scent. Its long lasting power keeps you fresh all day long. 1.7. Freesia & Jasmine Premium Fragrance Oil Top Notes: Strawberry, Sparkling Lemon, Sugar Middle Notes: Freesia, Passionfruit, Jasmine Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Powder IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels: Body Lotion: 100.00% Body Wash: 5.00% Soap: 5.00% Face Cream: 96.04% Body Powder: 2.00% Baby: 100.00% Perfume: 100.00% Deodorant: 19.71% Lip: 0.

Description. This fragrance is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy ginger and cool mint. Great for the holiday season or for a refreshing summer scent. It behaves beautifully in cold process soap! The scent sweetens a little bit in the cured soap compared to the bottle Description. FRAGRANCE Inspired by a fresh-cut spring bouquet! A perfect blend of freesia petals and creamy hyacinth I'm not sure I smelled a freesia in real life, but this kind of scent is my go-to for Bath & Body works products. Smells delightful. Has a clean, light scent that goes well with a lot of peoples individual smells. If I have. Apricot Freesia Fragrance. This is a upbeat blend of fruit and floral and has always been one of our best sellers. If you don't like fruit scents because they are too sweet, try Apricot Freesia. The freesia really tones down the syrupy notes while the apricot livens up the Freesia. It is a yummy blend that you'll fall in love with Product Description. With lovely double blooms and a wonderful scent, Freesias are absolutely showstopping. This mix is sure to brighten up your planting area with its assorted bright colors. Freesia bulbs do exceptionally well in the garden, in indoor planting and as cut flower arrangements

% Sweet Amber & Freesia - - Shop Scentsy Online. Description. Crisp layers of verbena blossom, freesia and sweet amber The Freesia flower is a native of South Africa, and 12 of the 14 species originated in Cape Province. The remaining two, the Freesia viridis and the Freesia sparrmannii, are native to the African tropics. The Freesia fucata is the only species found north of the equator in Sudan. Description and Characteristic Product Description. Korres White Tea & Bergamot Freesia Eau de Toillette What It Is Korres White Tea Bergamot EDT is a delicate fragrance that combines the sweetness and freshness of White Tea with the carefree feeling of Freesia's country-side and the sweet-bitter, sharp, heart warming notes of Bergamot.. Freesia Double. Starting at $12.50 for 25 Bulb s. Red Freesia Single. Starting at $12.50 for 25 Bulb s. White Freesia Double. Starting at $12.50 for 25 Bulb s. Yellow Freesia Single. Starting at $12.50 for 25 Bulb s. Lutea Maxima Fritillaria . Starting at $19.50 for 2 Bulb s. Meleagris Fritillaria Liliaceae

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For a while I enjoyed this fragrance as a refreshing and uplifting addition to my wardrobe. We have many moods and a scent for each one seems natural enough. However, two years later I have become weary of the pear and freesia. The after-musk is pleasant enough and it had more meaning when combined with the anise and cardamom scent of the same. English Pear & Freesia - our version of the popular designer scent.Similar in style and identity to this famous designer fragrance, our dupe is the highest quality available. A fresh fruity floral accord with notes of juicy pear, followed by soft florals of freesia and rose supported by patchouli, amber and sheer musk Scroll through our range of scents to find more information on their composition.Our range varies seasonally & is dependent on supply availability. We cycle our scents so if you're after one that's currently unavailable, send us a message, we may have enough for a custom order. Check out the product / shop pages Description Reviews (0) TASTING NOTES. Top Note: Pear. Rich, fresh and juicy selected pear bringing intensity and depth to the fragrance. Heart Note: White Freesia. Amazingly fine white freesia imbue the heart of the fragrance. Base Note: Patchouli. Light, fresh patchouli and woody scents selected to increase the longevity of the scent..

Description. This fragrance fills your home with the tranquility of an English Garden, in full bloom with soothing lavender, cool fresh herbs and gentle freesia. Related products. Magnolia $ 2.75 - $ 15.09 View product; Coconut $ 2.75 - $ 10.48 View product; Orange Blossom $ 2.75 - $ 15.22 View product Fragrance Family: Floral. Scent Type: Fruity Key Notes: English Pear, Freesia, Patchouli, Wild Rose. About: It features the surprising, sensuous freshness of sweet pears, wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, on a subtle background of scrambling wild roses and skin-warming amber, patchouli and woods Description. Keep your pet's face clear and clean with Ikaria Revive Apricot White Tea & Freesia Scent Dog & Cat Facial Wash. This wash is specifically formulated to be pH neutral, hypoallergenic, tearless and extra gentle, so you can cleanse your pet's face and sensitive areas without worry

AF Chiffon Peony Freesia By Victoria Secret Type, Safety Data Sheet. Uses: Candle, MP Soap, CP Soap. Flash Point (Deg F): > 200. Phthalate Free: Yes. Vanillin: Yes. Skin Safe: Yes. Scent Description: Sultry Fragrance Of Freesia, Bergamot And Peony. Soft Notes Of Vanilla, Musk And Sandalwood Complete The Blend. Top Note: Peach, Green Citrus Perlier Freesia 2-piece Set. What It Is A hydrating body cream and a cleanser that is as rich as a cream. The richest texture to massage into skin when and where it needs it the most, restoring hydration and moisturization to all skin types, even the driest skin types. Special cleanser, which moisturizes and revitalizes while immediately giving. Freesia-cream. Cream freesias are available year-round. There are single and double-flowered freesias that come in many different colors. Many have a pleasant light fragrance. The stem length is around 45cm or more. All of our freesias come in 10 stem bunches. If you have a special request for certain color, please allow some advance notice Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Gold Dust Limited 100ml. ₱ 4,949.00 ₱ 1,199.00. Inspired by a walk in an orchard secluded within a walled garden, English Pear & Freesia is an evocative fragrance of delicate contrasts. SCENT Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia 100ml. #2 Best Seller in Jo Malone in Women. ₱ 4,949.00 ₱ 1,399.00. You Save: ₱ 3,550.00. Inspired by a walk in an orchard secluded within a walled garden, English Pear & Freesia is an evocative fragrance of delicate contrasts. SCENT. Floral. Fruity. Sweet

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Description: Jo Malone London British Pear & Freesia Scented Candles: Item No: 21CA0809-1: Product information: 8*9cm/glass jar + 200g scented Soy wax : Concentration of aroma: 10% Jo Malone London British Pear & Freesia : Material: 100% Soy wax: Color: Milk white wax ,colored decal ;wooden wick: Packaging BUMBLE & BLOSSOM | fragrance oil SCENT DESCRIPTIONS floral SCENTS LYCHEE & PEONY: Mango, Lychee, Orange, Raspberry, Apple. TIGER LILY BLOSSOM: Pineapple, Melon. Description Additional information Our English Pear & Freesia candle, made from 100% natural soy wax, lead free wicks also importantly a selection of the finest Fragrance Oils. We triple scent our English Pear & Freesia candle, to create maximum scent retention and throw candles while burning. They are created in small batches to ensure the.

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Product description. Product code: 58060126. A solid perfume infused with the scent of English Pear & Freesia. The essence of autumn. The sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, and mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Luscious and golden. With a light smooth texture containing pure beeswax, the. Product description. BE calm. Breathe deep. Let the calming aroma envelop you. Scent notes - Freesia, vanilla, musk. Downy Infusions go directly into the washer to give an indulgent scent boosting experience. HE compatible The Scented Home Glass Candle ~ Freesia & Orchid. £ 13.00. or 4 fortnightly payments of £ 3.25 with More info. A bloom of sparkling, fresh freesias and exotic orchids with a fruity heart of orange and grapefruit finishing with a smooth base of sophisticated musks. Made from a highly fragranced soy wax blend for a powerful scent release Description Lift your spirits with the refreshing, pleasant fragrance of the 15oz Lidded Glass Jar Butterfly Print 3-Wick Candle Freesia and Fennel - Opalhouse. This scented candle infuses your home with a blend of fennel, freesia scents that create an inviting ambiance you're sure to appreciate

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The Jo Malone™ English Pear & Freesia Body Crème softens the skin and provides a lasting, scent of just-ripe pears, freesia and scrambling wild roses. Enjoy a complimentary deluxe sample of Peony & Blush Suede Cologne 9ml with your order. Yours with code. BLUSH. Receive a Limited Edition Pouch with your purchase from our Blossoms Collection.. Venus ComfortGlide Freesia women's razors feature three curve hugging blades for a smooth, close shave that lasts. The razor blade refills come equipped with built in flexible gel bars that, when wet, release a rich Freesia scented body butter lather for glide and comfort There's something about Cotton Flower and Freesia that paints a fragrant picture of picnics in the park and long, lazy days. Add soft notes of White Rose and the fresh zing of Cucumber, and the scene is set for outdoors bliss, indoors-style. FRAGRANCE NOTES Top: Green Leaves, Cucumber, FreesiaMiddle: Cotton Flower, Cy

Luxury Extra Thick Wood Stick Multi Color Glass ReedBath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton Triple Moisture BodyLuna Hand Cream | Scentsy Online StoreDkny Nectar Love - Eau De Parfum 100ML