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Worst Primetime Games of the 2021 NFL Season. The 2021 NFL schedule has been released, which means speculation and hype can officially begin to be generated, especially considering fans can enjoy an extra week's worth of games this season. As always, top-tier teams and divisional matchups are given priority when it comes to primetime scheduling The NFL typically does a great job picking primetime matchups that NFL fans will love to watch but unfortunately, there a few ugly games. Here are the five worst games on the NFL's prime-time. We expect the Jaguars to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this year, even if Leonard Fournette is in the backfield. Jacksonville's defense is bad and its offense isn't good enough to entertain.. Ranking the NFL's 10 Worst Plays in the Last Decade. The game was probably only in overtime because he muffed a punt with San Francisco leading by four points in the fourth quarter, and he had. The wind-chill brought the game-time temperature down to -47°F. It still holds the record for the coldest air temperature in an NFL game (-15 Farenheit, -25 Celsius) This game alone is probably the reason why today's Super Bowl title games are historically played in warm weather climates or indoor stadiums

One of football's coldest games was the Ice Bowl -- the 1967 NFL Championship game between the Packers and the Cowboys. During the game, temperatures at Lambeau Field dropped to -13 °F and wind chills to -40 °F 6. Jaguars 62, Dolphins 7: January 15, 2000. Perhaps the worst blowout on this list came in the playoffs (!) following the 1999 NFL season. The last game of Dan Marino's career was one to forget, as Miami fell behind 41-0 before getting on the scoreboard against its in-state foe Ranking all 30 NFL stadiums, from worst to best. The NFL is always pushing the single-game attendance experience vs. watching every game at home. But in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 49ers-Lions opener among worst games on NFL 2021 full schedule. he NFL released the full 2021 NFL schedule on Wednesday, and there are a ton of intriguing matchups. T. From revenge games to rivalries to rookies, the league's first year with a 17-game schedule is jam-packed with exciting storylines. Some matchups have no buzz at all, though

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The National Football League has seen a quarterback passer rating of 0.0 posted 69 times, in 57 different games, by 60 different quarterbacks.. To achieve a passer rating of 0.0 in a game, a QB must have no touchdowns, complete no more than 30% of his pass attempts, average less than 3 yards per attempt, throw an interception on at least 9.5% of attempts and attempt at least 10 passes These are the 15 worst NFL injuries in the history of the league. 15. Eugene Wilson. For a short time in the NFL, the wildcat was the formation de jour. That meant a running back taking the snap with the quarterback lining up as a wide receiver

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The NFL saves the best football for the playoffs as the 12 best teams make it battling for the Lombardi Trophy. 2015 was an exception though, when the 7-8-1. A winter storm dumped over five feet of snow in Buffalo, but the Bills intend to be ready to play on Sunday. Take a look at some of the top NFL games to be played out in the elements, and see more.

72. 1966 Broncos (4-10): Denver was a truly terrible operation during its initial years in the American Football League, winning four or fewer games in seven of its first eight seasons. And the.. Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Go to Squarespace.com for a free trial and when you're ready to launch, go to https://squarespace.com/kto to..

1 Worst - Madden NFL 13. Many would agree that Madden 13 is the worst of the series. Despite a nice and polished feel, this title fails to hold the hearts of fans. Highlighted by introducing the. Though the transformation between games is impressive — the East Rutherford, New Jersey, stadium gets covered in green for Jets games, for example — the atmosphere for fans is among the worst in the league, according to the ticketing site SeatGeek. Everything is gray, one Yelper laments Carson Palmer's gaffe-fest of an NFC title game might have been bad -- but was it the worst playoff performance by a QB in the modern era? Elliot Harrison lists the 10 worst signal caller stinkers The AFC East is pretty easily the worst division in football, with all four offenses rating among my bottom seven in the NFL, so why not? As it turns out, the roster is a pretty easy answer to.

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The Patriots went on to win the AFC divisional playoff game 16-13 and their first Super Bowl. 11 years later, the NFL abolished the rule. Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys - Nov. 25, 199 Worst games of the 2014 season. With the 2014 season in the books, it's time to look back. The season gave us plenty of highlights (Super Bowl XLIX, the NFC title game, Seahawks -Rams in Week 7. Three plays into the game, Young found Jerry Rice for a 44-yard TD pass. Four minutes later, Young made it 14-0 by hitting Ricky Watters on a 51-yard catch-and-run and the blowout was on

They gave up 31.9 points per game -- fourth-worst in the Super Bowl era -- and the Dan Pastorini-piloted offense needed a game-winning drive to beat the 4-10 Colts to avoid an 0-14 slate A bad offensive game in the NFL looks something like less than 200 total yards and less than 10 points. But those types of games are nothing compared to the offensive showings we're about to dive into here. Behold, the worst performances by an offense in NFL history. T10. 1955 Chicago Cardinals — 49 yard

Every NFL fan knows that Raider Nation is mean, tough, and proud. In fact, their pride is so apparent in every game that it has led to various brushes with the law. It doesn't help that their rivalry with both the 49ers and Chargers has brought out the worst in them either Presenting, for your reading pleasure: the 12 worst head coaches in NFL history (who coached at least 10 games), ranked in order of career winning percentage. 12. Frank Kus The Patriots have played at Paul Brown Stadium five times since 2000, losing to Cincinnati in 2001 (23-17) and 2013 (13-6) and defeating the Bengals 34-13 in 2019, 34-13 in 2007 and 38-13 in 2006

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  1. The first NFL team to go winless since the league expanded to a 16-game regular-season schedule, the Lions suffered primarily because of a defense that ranked dead last in points (32.3 ppg) and.
  2. NFL Explained: The worst weather games in NFL history No matter how bad the weather is, NFL Football forges ahead. Take a walk back through some of the most iconic wet, snowy, windy, foggy, and.
  3. Here are 10 of the worst matchups on the NFL's 2021 slate: 49ers vs. Lions (Week 1) Fans will be eager for football to come back, but this game might be the least intriguing matchup of Week 1
  4. Best & Worst Games to Bet On The 2021 NFL Schedule. The 2021 NFL schedule has been released and most of us are already beginning to circle games on the calendar. There are a handful of great games to be found on the schedule each week of the season, as well as a few clunkers, but it is the primetime schedule that most of us pay attention to
  5. For better or for worse, NFL owners are usually a part of a fan's life for at least a decade. When the realization kicks in that your owner is likely not putting the organization in the best position to win, it can put a damper on a city for generations of fans. Let's take a look at the three worst owners in the NFL today. 3. Dean Spano
  6. Tom Brady has one of the worst games of his career in record loss. By Calum Trenaman, CNN. but the 38-3 final score was the largest margin of loss Brady has ever experienced in his 21-year NFL.

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Lions had the NFL's worst winning percentage in the era of the 16-game schedule. The 16-game era is over. The league voted this week to extend the schedule to 17 games, and it's not going back, not with the increased revenue gleaned from the extra week. The 16-game schedule dates back to 1978, when the NFL expanded from 14 games to. NFL stadiums can be hostile in two different ways; hostile against the opposing team's fans and hostile against the opposing team via crowd volume. The two often go hand in hand. We have compiled a list of five NFL Stadiums that will make you wish you were back in your home stadium. 5. Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City Chiefs The worst part is that it's not as though San Diego was one-dimensional, because Natrone Means ran for 165 yards that day. But Leaf's 0.0 passer rating did the Chargers in as they lost 23-7. 1 The 1968 season was a wash. The Eagles started 0-11, and just when it looked like they were going to get prized running back O.J. Simpson in the draft, they started winning games

The most famous bad-weather NFL game in Cincinnati was the January 1982 AFC Championship Game between the host Bengals and the San Diego Chargers, with a kickoff temperature of minus 9 degrees and. Cincinnati hasn't won a playoff game since Jan. 6, 1991. 1991! We didn't even have the internet then! They've been to the playoffs seven times since 2005 but haven't won any of those games.

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The worst part might be that Dean Blandino, the NFL's VP of officiating, defended the call. I get backing up your employees or in the event you disagree with fans you stick to your guns, but never acknowledging a blatantly terrible call isn't just a joke, it's borderline criminal Worst Calls in NFL History. The Tuck Rule Game. Blown calls in the NFL can be painful and even change lives. Take the hideous tuck rule, for instance. If referee Walt Coleman and his posse hadn't taken that infamous rule out of mothballs, then the New England Patriots almost certainly wouldn't have won that night. Or Super Bowl 36 The Worst Quarterbacks in NFL History 15. Jack Thompson AP Photo/Ed Reinke. Teams: Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Record: 4-17 TD to INT Ratio: 33-45 The Throwin' Samoan lands first on this list as one of the biggest draft busts at quarterback of all-time

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It was the first 8-0 NFL game since Nov. 10, 1929. Passing was nearly impossible, so the teams resorted to running, which was also nearly impossible given the snow. NEXT > #1 Worst Weather NFL Cit The 27th team to join the NFL entered its27th game on Dec.11, 1977 still winless. Tampa Bay'sreputation preceded it to the point that Archie Manning — quarterbacking the oft-awful Saints. These quarterbacks produced 10 of the worst games in the history of the NFL playoffs. Frank Filchock vs. Chicago Bears, 1940 NFL Championship Game

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NFL referees are hard-working individuals who get way more calls correct than people realize. When they do make a bad call, however, it's a doozy — some are so bad, they directly affected the outcome of games and sometimes forced the NFL to change their rules so something so stupid doesn't happen again. Here are the worst referee calls in NFL history Here's a look at the worst trades in the history of the NFL. as he had only 217 yards in six games with the Bills and was released after 12 games the following year. 5 of 23 Also, the worst Week 1-2 results by DVOA will not quite be the same as the worst Week 1-2 results by other measurements. For example, the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs lost their first two games by a.

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The Miami Dolphins made the wrong kind of history Sunday afternoon, when they became the first team since the 1973 New Orleans Saints to be outscored by a combined 92 points in their first two games of the season. It's an eye-popping total and has led many to wonder if we may be witnessing the worst team in the history of the NFL. Before we rush to anoint the Fins the worst of the worst, let. 14 Re: The Best and Worst NFL Announcers. Oh Jesus, a Buck/Mayock Superbowl would be a nightmare that even Freddy Krueger would be terrified of. Buck is the most self righteous asshole there is, and Mike MAyock lost any shred of credibility when he repeatedly described Mike McGlynn (Colts guard) as a mauler

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71. 1967 Dolphins (4-10): Miami's second year was its worst, the Fins losing by 24.6 per week during an eight-game slide that began after a season-opening win. They were outscored by 188 points. 30 Worst: Game Boy Advance: NFL Blitz 2003 (1/10) Via Game Fabrique. It appears that the reviewer of this game is a fan of the Blitz game series usually but this woeful handheld version has failed to impress. They go as far as to describe it as the worst published game I've seen yet on the Game Boy Advance Best and worst NFL games of 2012 season. Read full article. April 17, 2012, 4:04 PM. Best games. 1. Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos (Sunday, Sept. 9): It's fair to say that all eyes will be on this one as quarterback Peyton Manning is expected to make his return to the NFL. An injury cost him all of the 2011 season and forced a departure.

The 2020 NFC East nearly sent a 6-10 team to the playoffs, and its four teams comprised one of the worst divisions since the NFL created its modern divisional set up in 1970. Here are the worst. Welcome one, welcome all to the 2019 NFL announcer rankings, as voted on by the Awful Announcing readers. Some quick notes before we head into the rankings All but one team received at least. With last night's victory, Mahomes became the fastest quarterback to reach 10,000 yards in NFL history, as the ESPN broadcast team discussed during the game. Mahomes and Jackson are going to be considered two of the game's best at the position (if not the two best), but Mahomes proved he's the better signal caller Seahawks and Steelers is always the first game to come to mind when I think terrible officiating. I don't think there's been a worse Super Bowl in recent memory. An all-around bad game made worse by poor officiating. At least, say, the Broncos and Panthers getting blown out was above board. User Info: DoubleTangicide

Join us as we rank the five worst injuries to happen during an NFL game. Sorry Jason Pierre-Paul, offseason fireworks accidents do not qualify. Some of the videos and images you are about to see may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. 5. Napoleon McCallum (1994) In the 1980s and 1990s, Monday Night Football was must-see TV No getting around it, this is the worst game on the schedule for the Ravens. It's a marquee matchup for the NFL but it's yet again an early-season contest against one of the NFL's juggernauts McHan, seen standing in the center here, holds the single worst career completion percentage for any quarterback who played at least 100 games in the NFL. From 1954-1963, he completed just 42.3% of all his throws. A closer look at his figures shows that McHan also threw just 73 touchdowns to 108 interceptions However, what is Aaron Rodgers' worst game as an NFL quarterback? Rodgers has appeared in over 200 NFL games including playoff games. Many of those games are contenders for the most dominant individual quarterback games ever. There have been 27 games to have a quarterback throw for four touchdowns, zero interceptions, over 400 yards, and. The 2020 NFL announcer rankings These are the best and worst NFL broadcast teams for the 2020 season. CBS ESPN Fox NBC NFL Originals By Joe Lucia on 11/16/2020 04/23/202

The games had little legitimacy with fans and attendance plummeted to under 10,000 at many games in smaller (i.e. doormat) markets. Including a low of 4,074 for the lone replacement game played in Philadelphia on Oct. 4 when the Bears trounced the Eagles 35-3 ( NFL crossed the line on Replacement Sunday 65 Preseason & 256 Reg. Season Games Live or On-Demand* Watch Playoff Games & Super Bowl LIV Live or On-Demand. NFL RedZone & Live Stream of NFL Networ Worst NFL Draft busts: Ranking the 10 biggest draft picks over the past 30 years Rogers would only play in 15 games over three seasons before dropping out of the NFL due to multiple issues.

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The worst officiating calls in NFL playoff history. The Los Angeles Rams are headed to Super Bowl 53. There's going to be a whole lot of controversy and discussion, however, over a late non-call by the officials. . Per Nola.com No. 2: 2014-15 NFC Wild Card. As mentioned earlier, this one might be on the list, and it surely ranks up there with the worst. As the Lions are driving down the field to attempt to win the game. According to one writer, the home of the Bengals ranks dead last of all NFL locales. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe set out to rank every NFL destination in the country and slapped the Bengals last, writing the following: 30. Cincinnati: The ribs at Montgomery Inn are great. And you can stay across the river in Covington to cross Kentucky off.