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Learn a range of what your particular parrot might weight with our parrot weight chart. Keep a record of your parrot's weight to help you offer preventative care. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US RETAIL ORDERS OVER $70. TEXT 719-650-0812. 0. Menu. Bird Collars; Bird Wellness . Eclectus. 375-550. Indian Ringneck. 115. Kea. 1000. Pacific Parrotlet. 31. eclectus parrot weight chart, eclectus weight, eclectus weight chart, how much should an adult male ecllectus weigh, male eclectus weight, red sided eclectus weight, vos eclectus weight, weight si eclectus. Click on a term to search for related topics. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version Many texts suggest a minimum cage size of 24 x 36 x 48 in (61 x 91 x 122 cm), however Eclectus parrots need plenty of room to play and climb so bigger is much better. Cage bar spacing should range from 0.75-1.5 in (1.9-3.8 cm). Perch diameter should measure approximately 1 in (2.5 cm). Unless birds are exposed to natural light, consider. Parrot Weight Chart. More. Log In. Brewed ~ Sprinkled ~ Infused. Cart 0. Parrot Weight Chart . A 5% drop in weight over 3 consecutive weigh-ins Eclectus 375-550 . Indian Ringneck 115 . Kea 1000 . Pacific Parrotlet 31-34 . Red-fronted Kakariki 100 . St. Vincent 580-700 . Zebra Finch 10-16 . PARAKEET

Eclectus parrots weigh on average between 0.83 to 1.21 lbs. They also reach 17 to 30 inches in length, making them a medium-sized bird. Eclectus parrots have a longer digestive tract than other birds. This means they need a high-fiber, low-fat diet that only contains the vitamins and minerals they need - not more Caring for your Eclectus Parrot! Eclectus Parrots originate from the Solomon Islands, Sumba, New Guinea as well as parts of north-eastern Australia. They are beautiful birds that can make fantastic pets. The males are predominantly green and the females are mostly red. There are a few different subspecies of Eclectus that differ in size and. Weaning should not be initiated before a bird has attained his maximum weight ( see chart below) and has reached an age and level of development and behavior at which it is physically and psychologically prepared (Psittacine Aviculture, Perspectives, Techniques and Research., Psittacine Neonatal Care and Hand-Feeding, S. Clubb, K.

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At Parrot Haven, we have our own special moulting diet. We feed our moulting kids a cooked meal 3 times a week. Tips. Paw Paw helps restore the natural flora in the bird's crop and gut. Sweet corn is used when a bird has been sick and lost condition. It helps to put weight on a sick or underweight parrot. The following should NEVER be fed to. HEAD AND EYES. This section tilted Head and Eyes has been included to assist in the identification of the subspecies. Each image is numbered from 001 to 010 starting with the nominate race the Grand Eclectus Eclectus roratus roratus.The Grand Eclectus has two races, the first the Seram Grand from the Indonesian island of Seram Common Names: Eclectus parrot, Solomon Island eclectus parrot, Grand eclectus parrot, yellow-sided eclectus parrot, Vosmaeri eclectus parrot, blue-bellied eclectus parrot, red-sided eclectus parrot, dusky eclectus parrot. Scientific Name: Eclectus roratus. Adult Size: 17 and 20 inches, weighing 13 to 18 ounces. Life Expectancy: 30 to 50 year there's a weight difference based on sex or age. There are regional size differences and subspecies' size variation for some birds. One of these bird types listed (Eclectus parrots) includes all the different species. So the average (mean) weight presented here is not set in stone. Regardless, I still conside The average weight of the adult male Eclectus is 430 grams with a range of 388 to 524. Juveniles males have dark brown or black irises rather than the yellow-gold / golden-orange color of the adult male. The upper mandible of a young male has a brown base and yellow tip. (Please refer to the images below.

All chicks are hatched with grey down feathers on them. As their feathers start to emerge the sex of the chick can be determined. On average, adult eclectus parrots weigh 500-600 grams and have an average length of between 105-133 millimeters. The wingspans of eclecrus parrots are between 228 millimeters and 247 millimeters Parrot Weight Chart. More. Log In. Brewed ~ Sprinkled ~ Infused. Cart 0. Eclectus. Unique dietary needs of the Eclectus Parrot Important Facts To Remember About Feeding An Eclectus * Avoid all preservatives, additives and colourants. Foods given should be 100% natural and for this reason don't give any manufactured food (human or bird food) Aru Island Eclectus Parrot or Aruensis Eclectus, Eclectus roratus aruensis: 34 - 35 cm: 13.4 - 13.8 in: Red-sided Eclectus, Eclectus roratus polychloros: 33 - 34 cm: 13 - 13.4 in: Solomon Island Eclectus, Eclectus roratus solomonensis: 30.5 - 33 cm: 12 - 13 in: Biaki Eclectus, Eclectus roratus biaki: 31.75 cm: 12.5: Grand Eclectus. This is a short excerpt from our book 'The Ultimate Guide to Eclectus Parrots'. This chapter explains the importance of choosing a top quality breeder and the 17 most important questions to ask when buying your companion Eclectus. Our book also includes information on: The differences between male and female Eclectus; Choosing the right breede

Warsaw (585) 786-3676. Geneseo (585) 243-5588. Faceboo Therefore, their caloric and sugar intake should be kept low. ECLECTUS: Eclectus Parrots require a different diet of a large percentage of soft foods/produce to a lower percentage of seed. Pellets should be given very sparingly, and only non-colored pellets. Too much can cause toe-tapping and other unwanted habits The chart below is an overview of different pet bird and parrot species characteristics. This information is useful for prospective owners, so you can get an idea about the basic characteristics of each pet bird species. Species - The general species group this bird belongs to; Type - The specific type of bird in the specie

THE ECLECTUS PARROT, Eclectus roratus (P.L.S. MULLER 1776) By Dale R. Thompson & Susie Christian. Introduction. When comparing the size of any of the Eclectus subspecies or doing a comparison between them, one must be aware that only averages can be given Lafeber NutriBerries, Kaytee, Pretty Bird International Bpb78318 Species-Specific, Avian Science Super Eclectus Bird Seed are some popular pellets to give to Eclectus parrots. Vegetables. Eclectus parrots need a heavy amount of Vitamin A that present in veggies. Boiled carrots, sweet potato, red chili peppers, kale, broccoli, green leaves. Indonesia, New Guinea, northern Australia. Size. 14″ (35 cm) and 370-525 grams (13-19 oz) Color Differences. Male Eclectus are bright green with a yellow-orange beak while the female Eclectus are red and purple with a black beak. Average Cost. $600-1200 Although not absolutely necessary, weight data is helpful to monitor the chicks progress. A healthy chick should gain weight every single day until he approaches weaning. That is 15% each day for the first 10 to 14+ days, then at least 10% daily. To determine percentage weight gained, weigh the chick, with an empty crop, and record his weight The Eclectus parrot has been said to be a difficult parrot to wean in comparison to other . parrot species. If the weaning isn't done correctly you can end up with many behaviours and severe weight loss, stunted growth, health issues and death. Stunted and malnourished chicks appear to be on the increase with hand rearing today

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If the Parrot's weight veers too much up or down, vigilance is required. My benchmark is 10%; others may go for less. The daily examination of Parrots' poop is another indication and should become as routine as changing cage papers or refilling water bowls. Physiological changes cannot be hidden; weight is one sign and poop is another Aru Island Eclectus are the second largest subspecies with an overall average length of 390mm and weigh between 450gm - 600gm. The body shape of this subspecies is long and slender with a long neck and a rather long tail compared to overall body length. Tail feather length is an average 162mm That is only going to get worse as time passes and the weight charts and lists available online are barely usable even as guidelines. The keel bone is the plate running between the ribs. The best way to find YOUR bird's optimum weight is by going to the vet, determining that your bird is healthy and using THAT weight as the norm for the future Amazon parrots are stocky birds with rounded, short tails. Members of genus Amazona typically range from 12-15 in (30-38 cm) in length. The plumage is mostly green but other colorful markings are seen in various species. For example, orange-winged Amazons have a large orange patch on the underside of their wings The correct level can be gauged by air space development (visible on candling) or weight loss between setting and internal pipping. However, there are no hard-fast rules that can be given and much depends on the ambient humidity in your locality. In many cases, parrot eggs hatch successfully relying on ambient humidity alone in a dry incubator.

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Parrot Safety: 10 Household Dangers That Kill Parrots. Parrot Screaming Help: Tools to Manage a Screaming Parrot. Parrot Training and Care Ebooks Parrot Training Methods: Why Confrontational Training is Bad. Parrot Training Treats: What Treats Work Best. Parrot Weight Chart: Learn the Average Weight of Common Parrots Millones de productos. Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Compara precios Eclectus parrots live in small flocks or pairs. During the day they flock to a feeding site with the size of flocks which gather there being determined by how many fruit trees are available. At night they may roost in groups of up to 80. Predators of the eclectus parrot include possums, birds of prey and introduced species such as wild dogs Please read and measure your bird if needed and get back to me with the size you need or the dimensions and I will get one ordered for you. The largest size we have an Amazon listed on our size chart is an X-wide which is what your customer purchased (we have a few listed in a smaller size including the Lilac Crowned Amazon or the Panama Amazon Eclectus parrots love food and they look forward to their daily meals. These birds need a special diet, though. They have long digestive tracts, which makes it easy for them to get nutrients from lower calorie diets than other parrots. They also have sensitive stomachs, though, so pellet foods that make great meals for other parrots are often too rough for Eclectus parrots

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  1. Since there has been some recent discussion on Macaw size and weight in another thread, I thought it might be interesting to post some data on the subject. Below is information from two sources. Chart data derived from the well-known book The Large Macaws by Dr. Brian Speer and Joanne Abramson: macaw_size_chart.jp
  2. 9. Eclectus Parrot. Eclectus Parrot is native to the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, northeastern Australia and also the Maluku Islands (Moluccas). It is a short-tailed parrot around 35 cm long in length. The male species has a bright emerald green plumage, however, female have generally bright red and purple/blue plumage
  3. African grey parrots have been pets for thousands of years—there are records of these birds as household pets in biblical times. It has a fascinating ability to reason and an uncanny talent for accurately mimicking words and phrases. It can also understand human speech, which has helped to catapult this bird to stardom in research circles and the pet trade
  4. Eclectus Parrots The native parrot of northeastern Australia exhibit an extreme sexual dimorphism, where the males are usually bright green and the females red, purple or blue. This species are easy to breed, and are calm in captivity. How long do these parrots live? They live from 30 to 50 years, some even longer
  5. The Amazon bite has a two-step motion. Step 1 - Find soft tissue and bite down. Step 2 - Twist beak and head as sharply and quickly as possible. In my own experience, Amazon bites are the type of injury you're actually in denial of just afterwards. Yes, you see them bite you. Yes , you feel the pain
  6. Diet is the key to a happy and healthy life for your parrot. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone knows which foods are safe, how foods should be prepared, and how much of each food you should be giving your feathered companion each week. While we break it down even further in our Natural Feeding System (along with giving you seasonal recipes, fun transitional recipes and a wealth of.
  7. Fly free, Birds! Like many bird owners we talk to, deep in our heart, we would love to see these birds flying free in the wild with their flocks. The more we know about birds, the more such a wish is reinforced. Unfortunately, there are fewer suitable habitats remain in the wild for them

Eclectus. The Macaws take approximately 2 days less than the smaller parrots. From only a few days into similar weight. Success in maintaining parrot-like birds in captivity must be measured by the number of fertile eggs laid and ultimately the number of chicks reared. I Aviator Bird Harnesses come in many sizes and color options. Please use this chart to determine the best size for your bird. Each Aviator Harness comes with an attached elastic leash that measures approximately six feet. Overall length may vary depending on size

Eclectus Parrot Breeder since 1990. Red-Sided, Grand, Vosmaeri and Solomon Island Eclectus. We look forward to answering any questions by phone that you may have. Pure-Bred Eclectus. Phone . . . 404-321-4488. Eclectus Parrots sold to USA Customers only Below is our easy to use fresh and target egg weight calculator. To use the calculator simply select your species of bird (check the Latin name also to ensure you get the correct sub-species) . Input the length and width of the egg obtained using callipers to 0.1 of a mm , the calculator will then display the fresh laid egg weight

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Weight: Approx. 520 - 550 gms (or approx. 18.5 - 19.5 ozs) The Eclectus roratus polychloros - Red sided Eclectus Parrot is probable the most common of the Eclectus Parrots in Australia. Aviary Notes: Level Of Knowledge Required: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Specialist Breeders Only Look at Cookie in the picture above and the bird looked about the same at 30 years, 50 years and at 80 years old. By weighing a bird regularly you will find out if there's a rapid swing in weight in either direction which is the first indicator of potential illness before it becomes nonrecoverable Blue & Gold. Green-Wing. Military. Hyacinth. 1 to 1.5. Note: You can click on each species of bird in the chart above to see the specific cages that are recommended for that particular species. Or just go directly to our Bird Cages by Species page to choose from the most common pet birds. Regardless of your bird's species, we have a wide. The normal resting respiratory rate for pet birds varies with size and species, with the rate ranging in smaller birds (<300 g) from 30−60 beats/min and in larger birds (400-1,000 g) from 15-30 beats/min. If the bird is showing signs of respiratory distress, it should be placed in a warm, oxygenated incubator before restraint

Eclectus Parrot Lifespan: these parrots live around 15 years in the wild but can easily live up to 30 years and more in captivity if they are taken care of properly. 15. Green Winged Macaw Lifespan: this bird can live up to about 30 years in the wild and over 70 years in captivity I just got a 3-month old Eclectus parrot. I'm having trouble weaning her off her baby parrot formula, and would like to know what to do. She eats fruit and some seeds, but won't eat the pellets. And every day at her feeding times she insists on formula, doing her ' I'm hungry ' squawk Add a little something extra with our NEW FeatherWeight Anchorline Collection!! Designed for FlightSuit™ sizes Wide to Colossal. Please see Size Chart for correct fit. Designed for larger birds only. 4 feet long. Fits size Wide-Colossal. Recommend wearing a separate harness over FlightSuit™ or sew in the Velcro adapte There are 4 Eclectus Parrots listed on the Inventory of Exotic (non-native) Bird Species known to be in Australia, 2002) and they are . 1. Eclectus roratus macgillivrayi. - Eclectus Parrot. Weight: Approx. 500 gms (or approx. 20 ozs) 3.... Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot

The average weight of the adult male Eclectus is about 1 pound and 14 inches when grown. The females are red headed and blue-breasted, with black beaks. Diet The diet of the eclectus in the wild consists of mainly fruits, wild figs, unripe nuts, flower and leaf buds, and some seeds The Eclectus parrot Eclectus roratus was first described by Muller in 1776. They are vividly colored birds with tight interlocking hair like feathers which produce a sleek glossy plumage that actually looks like silk. They are a large stocky parrot, being 14 to 15 inches in length (35 cm), and have a short square tail and long round tipped wings

And this average weight happens to be higher than their female counterparts. Weight of female conure For all the female black-capped subspecies and nominate species, the average weight is slightly lower when compared to their respective male subspecies. It might range anywhere between 60-70 grams Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint - Beautifully designed chart and diagram s for PowerPoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects. Our new CrystalGraphics Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint is a collection of over 1000 impressively designed data-driven chart and editable diagram s guaranteed to impress any audience Add a little something extra!! The Deluxe FeatherWeight Lanyard is designed for medium-sized birds and fits FeatherWear FlightSuits™ from Jr. Small to Large. Please see Size Chart for correct fit. 3 feet long. Easily slips over wrist or shoulder. Designed for FlightSuit™ sizes Jr Small-Large Parrots are a lot like kids. In fact, avian vet Dr. Crystal Shropshire compares hook bill birds to 5-year-old children in personality as well as nutritional needs. Although your parrot will enjoy a lot of the same foods you do, some can be unsafe for him to eat

Cockatoos are a type of parrot (Order: Pstittaciforms) in general, and members of the Cacatuidae family in particular. There are 21 distinct species belonging to seven genee, including the type known as Cacatua. Cockatoos are birds native to Australia and the surrounding islands, including the Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands. Noise levels can really vary from parrot to parrot within a species, so these are general guidelines. If you are someone who relishes quiet and tends to get irritated by noise, stick with the 1s and 2s. If volume is a consideration for you, this is basically a primer on the noise level for certain species of parrot Quantity. - +. View Size Chart. Get 20% OFF when you buy 4+ masks! *Cannot be combined with additional sales/discounts. For every non-medical mask sold, TeePublic will donate one medical grade mask to Direct Relief. $12. $15. Add To Cart A classic, all around paper with a natural feel and an uncoated matte finish; our Standard Matte stands the test of time. Elegant and understated, colors print softer and more subtle. 17.5 pt thickness / 120 lb weight / 324 GSM. Light white, uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture. Paper is easy to write on and won't smudge

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How heavy is the average bird? How much does a bird weigh in lbs? Using the monograph as the data source, here's a list of mean weights for some common birds: male trumpeter swan, 26 pounds; male wild turkey, 16.3 pounds; female bald eagle, 11.5 pounds; male great blue heron, 5.7 pounds; female great horned owl, 3.4 pounds; female red-tailed. Eclectus 101. Environment & Enrichment. Feet Care 1 . Feet Care 2. Take your weight chart with you to that annual checkup and your vet will know you are a rock star bird owner!! Weight is an important measurement to keep track of diet changes and just a quick check on overall health. Bird's weight climbing Although the future of the New Guinea Eclectus is very secure both in the wild and captivity we, as breeders of these birds should insure that the subspecies remains pure and discourage crossbreeding. Caption 001: New Guinea Eclectus male in the snow, Netherlands. Caption 002: New Guinea Eclectus female at nest-Graham Taylor

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Overweight birds, on the other hand, are prone to overheating and do not function as well in very hot weather compared to lower weight birds.The fatter the bird, the less ability it has to cope with heat and the lower the temperatures necessary to cause heat stress, says avian veterinarian Gregory Harrison, DVM Clean regularly, please. This small size Pak-o-Bird can be carried comfortably in the front or on your back with the front/backpack strap, or on your shoulder. It is suitable for most of the conures (sun, green cheeked, cape parrots and more), cockatiels, pionus, Jardines's, Meyers, Senegal parrots etc This size chart is to give an indication of what size FLYPER should be ordered for your bird. This chart will give you a pretty accurate indication of what size to select for your bird. Please note that birds even of the same species can vary in size according to age, health and weight Eclectus parrots display the most prominent sexual differences in the entire parrot world. Care and Feeding. In the wild, their diet is varied and is mostly centered on various fruits, like mangos, papaya, bananas, apples, guavas, and various other exotic fruits. Solomon Island parrot will thrive on a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, seeds. Can be asymptomatic. May absorb nutrients from host causing bird to be unthrifty and have diarrhea. Most common in finches, African greys (15-20% of imported birds), cockatoos (10-20% of imported birds) and Eclectus parrots. No direct correlation between eosinophilia (increase in eosinophils in blood which are a type of white blood cel

Oct 18, 2013 - Explore Richard Stantont's board Pet Parrots on Pinterest. See more ideas about pet birds, parrot, bird Product Details. VLK 21704E - VOLKMAN AS ECLECTUS - 4 LB - EA. SKU: 112392. Your Price: Please to view price. Weight: 4.15 lb

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1. Female Eclectus Parrot. Their tranquil nature, colorful appearance, talking ability, and charming personalities make Eclectus Parrot one of the most popular pet birds. The male and female species are quite different from each other hence the name Eclectus, which is coined from the word eclectic A sweet and gentle temperament in the environment makes a huge difference. A happy green-cheek focuses only on his mate, making the breeding process a success. The average clutch of green cheek conures is 5-6 eggs. The incubation is expected in around 24 days. However, it may vary from 22 to 26 days 4. Keep your parrot in a space that's room-temperature. As your parrot's feathers fall out, it will be more susceptible to chilly drafts. Because of this, make sure that the room you're keeping your bird in is room temperature, or generally 70 °F (21 °C). Keep them away from windows or open doors if it's cold outside Reserve your baby Parrot, Macaw, African or Cockatoo TODAY with a 50% deposit for all of the baby birds for sale below. Note: prices on the reservation chart are for the bird only, shipping fees if applicable, are separate.) Florida resident will be charged 6% sales tax

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Avian Husbandry Species: The most common pet birds are classified as the Psittacidae (most parrots) e.g. cockatiel, budgerigar, eclectus parrot, macaw, and the cacatuidae (cockatoos) e.g. sulphur crested cockatoo. Diet: The majority of parrots and cockatoos feed on; seeds, fruit and nuts. Lories and lorikeets have a specialized brush-tongue and feed Eclectus Price - Eclectus are another parrot that it is difficult to answer how much is a parrot because the price varies widely. Some of the more popular members of this family can be bought for as little as $600 dollars. The rarer members can see you paying upwards of $2000 dollars The cases described in this study comprised five eclectus parrots (Eclectus roratus) from two veterinary facilities. Birds ranged in age from 4 to 26 years. Four birds were male and one was female. All patients had a history of seed and/or table food‐based diets with limited pellets incorporated The amount and frequency of feeding depends on the age and growth rate of the bird, growth of the bird and the diet used. The frequency of feeding for young birds is greater than that of older birds. The following is a guideline. With newly hatched chicks, the yolk sac is the source of nutrients for the first 12 - 24 hours

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Kakariki Feeding Guide. Ensure your Kakariki's diet is as varied as possible. Try offering at least 60% of their diet as pellets or complete food, and the remainder made up from dry and sprouted seeds, fruits, green vegetables, seeding grasses and other treats. Hide food inside foraging toys for your Kakariki to find, or alternatively fill up. Weight change is a very good indicator of a problem with a bird. Weight gain (in an adult bird) may alert an owner and avian vet about the possibility of a bird developing fatty liver syndrome (hepatic lipidosis), fatty tumors (lipomas and xanthomas) or generalized lipornatosis (an abnormal layer of fat deposited under the skin) Name Weight (gr) Incubation period Period in nest Australian King Parrot 190-230 20 35. Barred Owl is really attractive among its species. Barred Owl Habitat is the old and dense forests. Its behavior is very aggressive at the time of rain. Especially the female is very aggressive for Barred Owl Mating. ContentsBarred OwlBarred Owls factsBarred Owl HabitatBarred Owls DietBarred Owls Food Barred Owls NestingBarred Owl BehaviorBarred Owl MatingBarred Owl BreedingBarred Owl. The budgerigar (/ ˈ b ʌ dʒ ər ɪ ˌ ɡ ɑːr /; Melopsittacus undulatus) is a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot usually nicknamed the budgie (/ ˈ b ʌ dʒ i /), or in American English, the parakeet.Budgies are the only species in the genus Melopsittacus.Naturally, the species is green and yellow with black, scalloped markings on the nape, back, and wings

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Bird Calcium Plus Liquid - Avian Calcium Pet Bird Calcium - Parrot Calcium Liquid Calcium with D3 . Liquid Calcium Plus is a concentrated, pre-dissolved, highly bio-available form of calcium, vitamin D3, and magnesium formulated for maximum intestinal absorption.Calcium deficiency in birds can cause egg binding, feather plucking, splay legs, nervousness, poor muscle control and other health. In a case of eclectus parrots ingesting wood-shavings they all died due to the gizzard damming up, preventing normal digestion (Smith, 1985). 2 - Crop Burn If the temperature of the food is greater than 41°C (105°F) it may scald the crop and cause necrosis and fistulation (Giddings, 1986)


Eurasian Collared Doves generally range in weight between 4.9-6.3 oz (140-180 g); the smaller ones should be fine with a standard conure (NOT a SMALL conure) or quaker parrot size harness - which is size 6. The largest one might need the next size up (same size as a pionus parrot) - size 7. Sibylle A lot of a lot of times when people claim a parrot is very old it isn't accurate because that parent has passed through many owners. Think of the parrot like an antique that has passed through the family and legends and stories of it have changed. Vetafarm Paradise Pellets . Suitable for: Eclectus Parrots and other Frugivores such as Birds of Paradise, Toucans and Mynas Vetafarm is one of Australias leading companion health and welfare innovators. For Vetafarm pets are family, and only the best products leave their factories, after extensive quality control and research Volkman Seed Factory - Volkman AS Eclectus - 20 LB - EA - Each. 8:45 am to 5:00 pm (EST) Monday through Friday. Phone: 800.366.9953 Fax: 757.858.836 This item: Volkman Avian Science Super Eclectus Diet $31.49 ( $0.49 / 1 Ounce) Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by 24HDT. Volkman Birdie's Buffet / 15 Minute Soak & Serve $18.95 ( $0.59 / 1 Ounce) Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Sold by ArtsiHome and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula provides proper daily nutrition for baby parrots up to fledgling, which is a critical age of a parrot's life. Finely ground up extruded formula that is easy to mix, blends in seamlessly with hot water to create a smooth and consistent clump-free mash. This makes preparation quick and easy, improves feeding and.