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Close the Loop helps companies gain control over their sustainability processes. We make it easy to take back, recover, and reuse your high value products - so they don't end up in rivers, landfills - or on someone else's assembly line. Find Out More. There's Value In Your Discarded Products. We Know How To Recover It Closing the Loop . We recognise that modern cities are responsible for creating a great deal of waste and pollution and using a massive amount of resources. As a micro-city, we are perfectly placed to break that mould to create a city that is truly circular, cutting out waste and keeping materials in use as long as possible

Closing the loop: why sustainability is critical to the paper industry . Sustana Fiber and Rolland Paper set a new standard for a sustainable supply chain with their vision for 2030. November 7, 2019 4 min read Kristina Urquhart. Shar When Redmond-based Sound Sustainable Farms launched in June, its mission was clear: close the loop on sustainability. The 60-acre farm, is the brainchild of Cedar Grove, a local company that works to divert organic waste away from landfills.One way the nearly 100-year-old organization does this is by partnering with area restaurants, turning their food waste into compost

Close the Loop for a More Sustainable Future. (view more articles in SOS Tompkins Weekly) Tompkins Weekly - May 17, 2010. by Wendy Skinner. Sustainability advocates talk a lot about closed loop systems. For example, a factory might use its waste output to fuel its manufacturing process. A business might recycle unsold inventory to. How Companies Are Closing the Sustainability Loop in the Drinks Industry By Mark Stock April 15, 2021 When there's talk of real sustainability, closing the loop is a phrase often called into action Closing the sustainability loop. Tarkett's holistic approach to sustainability reaches across industries to broaden its impact By FastCo Works. advertisement. advertisement. advertisement Closed loop production: Sustainability across the supply chain. More brands than ever are releasing versions of sustainably sourced goods through a semi-closed loop production process. A semi-closed loop production process involves using recycled goods to create net new products, otherwise known as up-cycling First, GLASS is the most, INFINITELY, recyclable commodity, and yes, it is a commodity (cullet) traded on the commodities market.IT HAS VALUE, it just really doesn't have A LOT of value, because GLASS, IS SAND (silica) which is a mineral that is used in a vast array of products such as terrazzo counter-tops, beer bottles, concrete, roadways, lamps, and jars

The phrase closed-loop system is often paired with circular economy, which is an industrial system that is restorative and regenerative by intention or design, to use the World Economic Forum's definition.It's helpful to think of literal loops or circles to understand the core concept Closing the Loop is an optimistic exploration of diverse businesses making the change from a linear (take-make-waste) economic model to a circular (zero waste) economic model. The film takes an in-depth look at business sites from the UK, Europe, Latin America, and South Africa. Hosted by Get Social Taranaki in Manifold's coworking space, you. How PepsiCo closes the sustainability loop with reusable packaging Closing the loop with reverse logistics. One of the biggest changes in a closed loop system is that brands must now manage a reverse supply chain where packaging materials come back from the consumers. Loop tries to make this component as seamless as possible by picking up.

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  1. The compendium Closing the loop is a collection of 10 resource efficiency initiatives of leading Tata companies using circular economy principles. These initiatives range from aspects of sustainability as an opportunity for others to learn and draw from. 4 5 S Padmanabhan Head Tata Sustainability Group and Executive Chairman
  2. Close the Loop is an international company with operations in Australia, Belgium and United States. Our mission is to be the globally preferred 'premier sustainability solutions provider'. It will provide secure recovery models for consumer take-back programs specialising in complex waste streams while providing a safe and product working environment for its employees
  3. When Redmond-based Sound Sustainable Farms launched earlier this summer, its mission was clear: Close the loop on sustainability.. The 60-acre farm, which opened in June, is the brainchild of Cedar Grove, a local company that works to divert organic waste away from landfills.One way the nearly 100-year-old organization does this is by partnering with area restaurants, turning their food waste.
  4. Moving towards a sustainable business approach. In order to ensure the sustainability of a business, it is recommended that ethical business owners consider the closed-loop system with the cradle-to-cradle design and the circular economy model

And thus, this partnership of organizations was able to close the loop on the paper cups. This successful pilot will help Starbucks work towards its sustainability goal of doubling the recycled content, the recyclability and the reusability of their paper cup by 2022. To help achieve its goal Starbucks has also joined forces with Closed Loop. Closing the loop means moving from traditional design, which looked at the linear model for design and production - make, use and dispose - to how the disposal stage could be fed back into the creation of a new product. When designing interiors Sibley Grove studios will choose sustainable materials from trusted suppliers such as Desso and.

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  1. In any sustainability scenario, closed-loop approach is the goal. But it would take radical changes and innovative thinking at the level of product and process design. To a greater extent, this closed loop thinking is advocated in the book of William McDonough and Michael Braungart Cradle-to-Cradle
  2. Slowing and closing the loop: We are closing the textile loop. We pursue a holistic approach with our sustainable fashion: from collection development and material selection to production, sales and the recycling of used textiles. For the benefit of people and nature
  3. es are making progress towards waterless operations. 'Water has very little value until a
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  1. e the recycling efforts of 20 citizens. According to the United Nations, true sustainability is 'development which meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their.
  2. Closing the loop. We want to close the loop and develop a complete and efficient cycle of life for our products. What we do with things we no longer need is of critical importance for the environment. Waste is a uniquely human problem. In nature, the cycle of growth and decay is in balance - nothing is wasted
  3. Sustainability News discussed this with BASF researcher Kerstin Schierle-Arndt at the research press conference. Closing the loop in e-mobility Cookies help us deliver our services
  4. Closing the Loop in Context. Agricultural and municipal waste products can be used by farmers as soil amendments and mulches; By recycling nutrients in wastes and using them for agricultural production, farmers seek to close the loop and create a more sustainable cycle of food productio
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Designing for a circular economy—closing the loop. Moving from a traditional linear system for design and production—make, use, and dispose—to a circular economy, otherwise known as closing the loop, is a growing idea in the world of sustainable design. It is important to look at the end of life of a product already in its. Close the spend loop for sustainability. June 10, 2021. Share. Three reasons to embrace closed loop spend management. We're in the decade to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Among them, climate (SDG 13) and reduced inequalities (SDG 10) are some of the most pressing, with my clients increasingly setting targets and. Tracking Transparency. Fashion Revolution, a global movement of industry workers, is hoping the key to a universal commitment to a closed loop system is this kind of transparency that companies. Closing the loop in British manufacturing: Sustainability. Article. December 2016. Adrian Curry - Managing Director - Encirc. It's an uncomfortable truth to acknowledge, but industrial activity is widely seen as a fundamental obstacle in the fight for a sustainable future. In Britain, for example, the sector accounts for around a quarter. Not only does Globe Metal Recycling help companies recycle their metals, but they also work on the environmental space by keeping perfectly recyclable metals out of landfills. Globe Metal Recycling is a customer driven problem-solving company with a commitment to the environment, closing the loop on sustainability

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Closing the Transparency Loop (CTL) is a movement that grew out of a series of letters exchanged between the Architectural and Design (A&D) community and major building product manufacturers. CTL's mission is to transform the built environment by leveraging the business case to grow the sustainability movement throughout the built environment. Closing the loop is the goal of most sustainability campaigns from fast fashion companies (H&M) and new niche brands (Everlane). To truly close the loop, consumers must embrace slow fashio Closing the loop: How Swiss energy from waste plants recycle zinc. Zinc is successfully recycled from its main uses: galvanized steel is re-melted, and the protective zinc coating finds its way back into zinc smelters for recycling. Brass is recycled in the copper industry, and zinc metal scrap is re-melted Closing the Loop - from siloed initiatives to sustainability at the heart of the business Publish date: Date icon September 16, 2020. Positioning technology at the core of sustainability ; Technology will be key in helping organisations achieve sustainability at scale whilst generating various business benefits such as cost savings.

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Closing the loop through better design By 2030 we are aiming to optimize every fiber for every supply chain. Keeping materials in use for as long as possible is a key strategy of the circular economy. We'll close the loop as we focus on designing our products to be reused and recycled. NOW.. A Sao Paulo factory is pioneering zero-waste manufacturing and closing the loop with plastics. HP is helping make Brazil the epicenter of sustainability innovation in Latin America by recycling products into new ones and forging ties with local communities. By Garage Staff — April 4, 2019. On an unusually rainy day in February, the inside of. Closing the Loop (also sometimes called Cradle to Cradle) is the idea of moving from a linear production system to a circular system. In the traditional linear economy, products are made, used, and then disposed of— often in landfills, which can be harmful sources of pollution to their local environments and communities

Webinar: Closing the Loop: Connecting Class to Campus Sustainability with Cases. February 5, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 4:20 pm EST Free Meghan Wagner, Project Manager at Michigan Sustainability Cases, University of Michigan Closing the Loop Moorup partners with Mobile Muster to ensure devices we are unable to re-use are responsibly recycled to the R2 Responsible Recycling Standard. Disassembly is completed by local Australian resources with 99% of the materials recovered and recycled Modern food, energy, and water (FEW) systems are the product of technologies, techniques, and policies developed to address the needs of a given sector (e.g., energy or agriculture). Wastes from each sector are typically managed separately, and the production systems underlying FEW have traditionally treated pollution and waste as externalities simply diffused into the ambient environment While no one claims the job of going completely green is complete, there is a sense that apparel makers are making strides in closing the sustainability loop. People are trying to be more thoughtful, and moving away from being purely just consumers in every way.-Juan Diego Gerscovich, Co-Founder, Industry of All Nation On-Site Salvage. Before you haul things off for recycling, take a fresh look at the materials generated by your own project. You might be able to reuse old bricks as flooring in a sunroom or repurpose wood as shelving or furniture. Old cabinets and molding might be nicer than what you can afford new, so consider updating them with paint or new hardware instead of replacing them

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  1. Closing the loop takes a little creativity and innovation. bio-bean is a case in point. The company recycles 50,000 tons of coffee grounds a year into energy-efficient coffee logs. These provide a sustainable, second-generation biofuel that can be used as an alternative to wood. bio-bean collects its waste coffee from retailers across the UK.
  2. Cotton is our single most important raw material - but it is also a resource-hungry crop. As a result, Inditex is committed to moving towards more sustainable cotton production, such as organic, recycled and 'Better' cotton, and working with international initiatives to promote the sustainability of the cotton industry. 100% of our cotton will be sustainable (organic, BCI and recycled.
  3. we close the loop. We reutilize production waste and old pairs of shoes, and close the loop of the production process contributing to a more sustainable process. From recycled to recycable, plastic is seen from a new perspective when its life is a never-ending circle. We know you love your Lemon Jelly's but if you're not going to use them.
  4. There is a strong business case for closing the loop on fashion waste. China banned imports of textile waste at the end of 2017, and possible textile landfill bans may emerge in Europe. Where companies can collect waste garments and regenerate fibres to be used in new garments there is a clear economic, social and environmental gain
  5. Unless we go to Circular it's game over for the planet. It's game over for society. Closing The Loop is the world's first feature length documentary on the..

Closing the Loop in Sustainable Waste Management. Request Service Online. What We Do. Recycling Design & Operations Consulting Recycling Design & Operations Consulting Recycling Design & Operations Consulting We're prepared to help you at any level, from impartial advice to practical, full company Zero Waste Diversion to help you implement the. Podcasts Like Getting In the Loop: Circular Economy | Sustainability | Closing the Loop public [dynamic 0] More. Download the App! T. The Indicator from Planet Money. 1. The Indicator from Planet Money. Subscribe. Unsubscribe. 3h ago 3h ago. Subscribe. Unsubscribe. Daily . A little show about big ideas. From the people who make Planet Money. The key message is - Science without Sustainability and Sustainability without Science are both meaningless, close the loop and one might add power and efficiency are secondary. The last point needs clarification; there is no point in having a system that is powerful and efficient, if it is not sustainable At Close the Loop, we provide best-in-class sustainability solutions. Our mission is to help companies like yours enhance their corporate social responsibility programs. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, we are here to boost your efforts. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals and go green together In my previous article Super sustainability; but closing the loop! - a denim perception., I have mentioned there might be solutions for going super sustainability.After analyzing all active.

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Huber-Heim (2017) Sustainability and Circular Economy - The importance of closing the loop Visser (2014) Closing the loop on steel: what we can learn from a manufacturer in Ecuador Herrera (2009) Nike: From considered design to closing the loop Norwich University (2017) How creating a closed-loop supply chain can make. Sustainability Alliance Closing the CO2 loop on beer production September 2020—Making beer generates carbon dioxide during fermentation but ironically, beer makers vent that gas into the atmosphere and then buy CO2 in canisters to add back into the beer in the finishing stage to enhance mouth-feel and shelf-life To close the loop, our distributor delivers the recycled products back to be used at the customer's facility. Closed Loop Recycling generates business value. Reduce waste. Go circular and close the loop. Reach your Sustainability targets. Closed Loop Recycling is available in the US . Are you ready to get in the loop? Find out if your. Closing the loop through better design By 2030 we are aiming to optimise every fibre for every supply chain. Keeping materials in use for as long as possible is a key enabler of the circular economy. Closing the loop is our focus on designing our products to be reused and recycled. NOW... By 2023 we will manufacture 100% recyclable or reusable. The nutrient-rich water is then piped to the greenhouse and is filtered and taken up by the lettuce. The water returns back to the fish tanks much cleaner. It's a closed loop system. This aquaponics system allows Tsar Nicoulai to recycle close to 80 percent of all the water they use—a crucial savings in a drought-prone state like California

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Closing the Loop - Toward a Circular Supply Chain. Search. high-level sustainability goals, waste stream economics, access to materials, customers' demands, and regulation. All these drivers were important because if the conversation is about cost, you've already lost. Participants advocated a systems-level view The Solution. Closing the Loop aims to make the use and management of plastic more circular to increase the recovery rate and reduce the leakage of plastics into the marine environment, supporting the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12 and 14 City of Vancouver: Where and how your food scraps get converted to compost

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Closing the Loop on Sustainable Retail Displays. Specialists in graphic and display retail installation, 100% Group, recently conducted a survey of over 200 retail professionals with the responsibility for the creation, manufacture, management or implementation of brand retail displays, to assess how sustainability falls into their overall brand Closing the loop: moving from single-use to circular. Kerry Cheek, Festival Sustainability Assistant, reflects on learnings from the Circular Economy Hotspot Scotland. What is a circular economy? A framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. - Ellen MacArthur Foundatio Closing the loop in British manufacturing: Sustainability & Circular Economy Adrian Curry is managing director at leading glass container manufacturer, Encirc, and has recently been appointed president of industry body, British Glass inform consumers about the sustainability of products through labelling, to. EPRS Closing the loop - new circular economy package Members' Research Service Page 6 of 9 encourage innovative forms of consumption (e .g. sharing products or consuming services rather than products), and to integrate requirements promoting a circular.

Closed loop supply chains can help companies reduce waste and maximize resources, which is why a growing number of businesses are combining traditional supply chains (forward logistics) with reverse logistics, Business2Community reports. Reverse logistics requires the manufacturer to encourage the product's return — either for repair or resale, or, if those scenarios aren't viable, then. Listen to Getting In the Loop: Circular Economy | Sustainability | Closing the Loop on Spotify. Welcome to Getting In the Loop - a podcast dedicated to exploring how to transform to a more circular society that recognises our planet's limited resources. Join host Katie Whalen as she examines the challenges facing our current resource use and discovers alternatives to the 'take, make. Closed Loop/PET Closing the loop on sustainability. Every business produces waste. If you're a beverage company, PET plastics in bottles are always on your mind. If you're involved in commercial fishing, your operations are generating ocean waste. It is only a problem if you do not act

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We are thrilled to soon offer customers in Sweden the possibility to transform unwanted garments into new fashion favourites with the help from our new garment-to-garment recycling system 'Looop'. We are committed to closing the loop on fashion and this machine visualizes to customers that old textiles hold a value and should never go to waste Often Closing the Loop Means Delegating The best delegating tip I have is to delegate to people's strengths and away from their weaknesses, says workplace expert Vicky Oliver, author of five books including Bad Bosses, Crazy Co-Workers and Other Office Idiots. Otherwise, you are trying to force fit people into roles and tasks they. Klöckner Pentaplast | Our sustainability roadmap By 'closing the loop' we will reduce waste, and do more with less. This objective commits us to using more recycled material, closing the packaging loop and taking every opportunity to make our packaging recyclable. Target I Use more recycled material See page 9 Target I

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to close the materials loop and use resources as efficiently as possible; over the years products are and will be increasingly re-gained and re-used. Dealing with electronic waste is a concern for industry and society. E-Waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams, so it i Dive Brief: Various businesses have begun implementing sustainability initiatives as a way to reduce waste, but also gain profit from both the forward and reverse supply chains, Business 2 Community wrote last week. The trend is to establish closed-loop supply chains, where previously discarded products circle back into the value chain and minimize waste Close the Loop Archives - Office of Sustainability. The Office of Sustainability is pleased to announce a new partnership between Auburn University and Renew Merchandise to provide $5 gift cards that can be redeemed at Renew Merchandisefor Auburn-branded merchandise. These products are made out of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Joost de Kluijver joins us on the podcast today! Joost is the founder and CEO of the social enterprise Closing the Loop (CTL), which has developed a service that delivers on the growing demand for circular IT. Prior to founding CTL, Joost worked for Accenture and the Global Reporting Initiative

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Sustainability. ChemistryCan. Driving the circular economy. Closing the loop: recycling battery cases. There are about 250 million cars in the European Union, for which approximately 800.000 tons of batteries are needed per year. The housing of batteries is made of Polypropylene (PP), which can and is being recycled. However, the recycled. Innovative partnership to close the loop on the life cycle of commercial carpet tiles in Europe. A major breakthrough for the circular economy was made by fully closing the loop on the life cycle of commercial carpet tiles in Europe through a pioneering partnership with our supplier Aquafil (fiber producer). Our carpet recycling center at Waalwijk, Netherlands, can now generate two material.

Closing the loop: Canadian innovations in recycled plastic are leading the drive toward sustainability for Keurig coffee makers Author of the article: Peter Kenter • Postmedia Content Work Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) is a global leader in sustainability education and research. Drawing upon the skills of more than 100 full-time engineers, technicians, research faculty, and sponsored students, it operates six dynamic research centers and over 84,000 square feet of industrial infrastructure for sustainability modeling, testing, and prototyping The idea of closing the loop between our endless resource frontier, which is now increasingly under strain and showing its limits, and our growing needs for human welfare, is taking a new turn with the appearance of the circular economy. Our appetite for resources is growing - from 20 billion tons of primary material extracted in 1970 to over. The special emphasis is on RL and transportation since they are core to closing-the-loop for an extensive array of circular economy practices—practices and issues that are driving national and international development policies with strong sustainability goals

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70% of IT managers want their procurement to contribute to corporate green goals. Now they can. And it's plug and play. Reach out to us and learn why the technology industry, public and private buyers, and NGOs support us and buy our services Closing The Loop. Closed loop manufacture is an initiative that helps contribute to a circular plastics economy. Closed loop manufacturing can help reduce the waste sent to landfill and can be a sustainable raw material source. We can process high grade post-industrial plastic waste at our manufacturing sites - if this is of interest to you. Closing the loop on smartphone recycling while protecting your privacy. Amanda Wee April 1, 2021. The first mobile phones were designed to be solely communication tools. Over time, technology has advanced and transformed how mobile phones are used today. In the absence of sustainability, these resources will be depleted by 2050. Closing The Loop On Fabric Waste. Superdry have partnered with Else, to provide a sustainable solution to our factories to deal with their cut waste. Superdry factories can now collect, sort and sell this waste to be converted into recycled yarn for use in new fabrics, rather than the common practice of incineration or land fill

Figure 1 Stages in the Linear Economy. (Closing the loop, 2016). The linear model continues to shape our methods of production and consumption today. However, the significant increase in population over the years has resulted in an increase in demand for resources—the days of extracting with low opportunity costs are over. At this point Nestlé has made a $30-million investment in the Closed Loop Leadership Fund, the private equity arm of circular-economy investment firm Closed Loop Partners to lead the shift from virgin plastics to the use of food-grade recycled plastics in the United States. This investment is the first to utilize Nestlé's packaging venture fund.

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Our solution: Closing the textile Loop While in terms of sustainability the manufacturing process is often the centre of attention, it has become clear that also waste disposal increasingly entails ecological consequences and highly jeopardises our own living space Sustainability; Closing the loop with cardboard; Circular packaging: paper-based packaging closes the loop. Read more about how we produce corrugated packaging and how it supports your commitment to sustainability. VPK and the Circular Economy. We are committed to keep resources in use for as long as possible, optimise their value while in use.

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Here at Seaside Sustainability, we have taken action to create positive change. Our Marine Shrink Wrap Recycling Program is designed to be the first step in closing the plastic shrink wrap waste loop for boat owners in Gloucester, MA as well as neighboring communities. This program is free and allows for these plastic boat coverings to be recycled for future use, rather than become a part of. SABIC launched the TRUCIRCLE portfolio in 2019 and it was a considerable milestone on the journey towards closing the loop and creating a circular economy for plastics and intends to provide.

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