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ProComm PCF75 - 75-Meter HF Fiberglass Ham Stick Antenna. The Procomm PCF Series monoband antennas are tried-and-true. With a power rated at 500 watts (P.E.P.). Distributed loading radiates RF effciently for improved mobile DX. The bottom section is maufactured using 3/8-inch heavy-duty fiberglass rod Ahigh power mobile hamstick that handles 600 Watts! MFJ-1675T, the longest of the 600W hamsticks has a 53 inch long base and the whip with the ferrule is 40 inches, giving you almost 8. feet of a real mobile antenna. Now you got real height and real power to give you the best single frequency. mobile antenna around 19. I made a Hamstick Dipole for 75 meters. It works great and tunes real nice. I have it up in my attic antenna farm on a rotor and tripod. Total cost of antenna-. 2- 75m Workman mobile stick antennas-$27.90 ($5 a piece more than higher frequencies) 1- 3/8' dipole mount- 9.95. Total- $37.85 Details about 75 meter Ham Radio mobile ANTENNA HAMSTICK stainless 4' fiberglass ~3--4' whip . 75 meter Ham Radio mobile ANTENNA HAMSTICK stainless 4' fiberglass ~3--4' whip . Item Information. Condition: New. Bulk savings: Buy 1. $29.00/ea. Buy 2. $27.55/ea. Quantity: 3 or more for $26.68/ea Details about MFJ-1675T, 75 Meter Hamstick Antenna 250 Watts, 3/8 X 24 Threads, Mobile or Base. MFJ-1675T, 75 Meter Hamstick Antenna 250 Watts, 3/8 X 24 Threads, Mobile or Base. Item Information. Condition: New. Quantity: 0 available / 5 sold

About; Products; Clients; Resellers; Partners & Interconnects; 75 meter Ham Radio mobile ANTENNA HAMSTICK stainless 4' fiberglass ~3--4' whip. Chief PLP Fusion Universal Pull-N-Tilt Wall Mount, CPL Filter Lens GPS Module Viofo A119S Capacitor Novatek Car Dash Camera DVR, SoundXtra SDXBST300ATV1021 TV Stand For Bose SoundTouch 300 Bose Soundbar 700. 1pcs 2N3819 3819 TRANSISTOR RF NCH 25V TO-92. The 80 meter Hamstick, like the Hustler RM-80 resonator, can be extended with a mast to increase performance. For example, mounting the 7.5' Hamstick on a 6' mast (as part of the radiating antenna) increases the current-area from 6 A-ft to 12 A-ft thereby quadrupling the radiation resistance and increasing the signal by up to 6 dB Single Band Hamstick Mobile Antennas. Available in 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 60, and 75 Meters. All are appx 96 (6M is 48) tall when assembled and have standard 3/8-24 threads. Rated at 500 Watts! These are 100% US made and much better quality than the bargain bin stuff others offer

ProComm PCF75 - 75-Meter HF Fiberglass Ham Stick Antenna

75-meter about 20 kHz. If your HF rig has a built-in tuner, the useable frequency span approximately doubles without significant loss of antenna efficiency. An on-the-air comparison was made between the portable whip dipoles up 20 feet and half-wave dipoles for 40 and 75 meters. On 40 meters, two whips were about 1-1/2 S #9120 20 Meter Hamstick 38 36 32 o o x 30 13 g 14.0 14.1 14.2 Frequency in Mhz 14.3 14.4 #9130 30 Meter Hamstick 40 38 36 34 32 30 10.00 10.05 10.10 10.15 10.20 10.25 FreÇuency Mhz #9140 40 Meter Hamstick 40 38 36 21.1 21.2 21.3 Frequency in Mhz 21.4 6.9 7.0 Frequency in Mhz #9175 75 Meter Hamstick 7.3 21.0 44 43 41 18.0 21.5 49 47 45 41 39 37 3 Signal Hamstick Vertical 75-40m Using CIAOradio software 1 sec Note: NO fading Note: 1 dB added to take into account coax losses (100 fti. RG-8X) When feeding the 28 ft. vertical Note: The difference changes under Fading 75 meter hamstick vs low dipole. 2. 75 meter mobile operation question? 3. FS: 75 meter and 160 meter mobile antenna. 4. Anyone used thier R-75 mobile? 5. WTB: 75 m Hamstick and matching coil. 6. MFJ-1798 have anyone used this Ant. on 80/75 meter ?? 7. WTB: 75 m Hamstick and matching coil. 8. FS Swan SW-75 75 meter mono band radio $50.00. 9.

Shark Mono Band Verticals 5 Pack Mini 10 15 20 40 75M. Cutting through the noise, Shark HamSticks are your choice for portable and mobile HF operation. These antennas are made and assembled in America, and offer a superior product to many of its imported rivals. American-made fiberglass is both rigid and tough, and not prone to splitting and. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for MFJ-1675T - 75 Meter HF Hamstick Style Mobile Antenna at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Also using a auto tuner in the trunk Octopus antenna hub turns your ham-sticks into four fully balanced dipoles in minutes! Screw in 75,40,20 meter hamsticks and a dual band 2M/440 MHz whip (two on each band) on opposite sides. Now you have an automatic bandswitching 5-band dipole! Rotate it for maximum signal and minimum QRM and noise with a small rota A variation provides dual HF band coverage with a single coaxial feedline. Two hamstick dipole mounts were bolted together with their center-isolated posts connected together using #12 gauge wire. Two sets of whips for 40 and 75 meters were assembled. Coax was attached to one of the mounts

First is a MFJ-2375T short 75 Meter antenna. I purchased this and their 40 Meter version as they are shorter than the Hamstick and have a little less wind resistance. When it arrived I found a bonus. The 75M version has a 3/8 24 female at the top. The tuning tip has a 3/8 24 adapter with a normal tuning tip and set screw Click the button below to add the MFJ-2275, 75 Meter Mini-Dipole Includes MFJ-347 & 2 MFJ-1675T Hamstick Antennas to your wish list. Related Products. MFJ-2206, 06 Meter Mini-Dipole Includes MFJ-347 & 2 MFJ-1606T Hamstick Antennas $49.95 During the day on my cross-country trips to Montana, I'd keep the 40 meter coil on the assembly, and kept the 75-meter one in the back of the station wagon. Sometime after dark, if I felt like pulling over someplace, I'd swap out the 40 meter coil for the 75-meter coil. As often as not, the weather was really cold (we drove out to Montana.

For example the 12 meter Hamstick works well on 10 and 12 meters, the 60 meter Hamstick works well on 40 and 60 meters and the 30 meter Hamstick performs well on 20 and 30 meters. There's no need to purchase a dedicated Hamstick for each of those bands. Time Owned: more than 12 months ProComm PCF20 - 20-Meter HF Fiberglass Ham Stick Antenna. The Procomm PCF Series mono-band antennas are tried-and-true. With a power rated at 500 watts (P.E.P.). Distributed loading radiates RF efficiently for improved mobile DX. The bottom section is maufactured using 3/8-inch heavy-duty fiberglass rod. The loading coil is stranded copper wire. Buy MFJ-1675T - 75 Meter HF Hamstick Style Mobile Antenna at Desertcart. FREE Delivery Across Latvia. FREE Returns. ProductId : 2789941

Shark Antennas Hamsticks are mono band HF antennas that consist of a fiberglass mast with integrated coil and 48 inch stainless steel whip. In this video I review the 10, 15, 20, 40, and 75 meter Shark Hamsticks and give a solution on how to fix the poor SWR of the 40 meter Shark Hamstick Band assumption: 14 Mhz or higher (not 40 or 75 or 80M!!!) Hustler: using a SIX foot base, and then the super resonator. Hamstick: standard FOUR foot linearly loaded antenna and 4 foot stinger. It would seem to me, especially with a SIX foot base that the Hustler For all bands except 80/75 meters, you'll only use one or two wires. For 80 and 75 meters, use ALL the wires EXCEPT those noted on the chart. For best performance: The counterpoise is basically the other quarter wave of a half-wave dipole. (The Outbacker, HamStick or other quarter-wave whip you are using is the first quarter wave. In this video I attempt to overcome high SWR on a newly purchased 40-Meter Workman Hamstick Antenna using a SARK-100 SWR Analyzer, SWR Meter, and shunting ca.. Mobile HamStick 4.6 MHz Antenna. Updated 16-Mar-2020 11:58 By Terry G. Glagowski W1TR [back to Mobile HF-VHF-UHF][back to W1TR Antennas and QTH][back to W1TR Home]Introduction. This page describes how to modify a 75 meter HamStick antenna for use on the 4.6 MHz. This was accomplished by removing 350 turns from the top of the closely wound loading coil

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  1. i HF antennas for 10-15-20-40-75 meters bundled in one package. VIEW. Order # Model Meter Band Bandwidth 2:1 Total Length Your Price Order #2083: S-FM80: 80 Meters: 36 kHz: 76 inches: $23.98 : S-FM75: 75 Meters: 36 kHz: 76 inches: Not in stock #2133: S-FM40: 40 Meters: 40 kHz: 44 inches: Not in stock : S-FM20: 20.
  2. Click the button below to add the MFJ-1675T 75 Meter Mobile HF HamStick Antenna with 3/8-24 Connector to your wish list. Related Products. MFJ-1610T 10 Meter Mobile HF HamStick Antenna with 3/8-24 Connector $21.75. MFJ-1615T 15 Meter Mobile HF HamStick Antenna with 3/8-24 Connector $19.95 $17.95
  3. Workman WHF-75 75 Meter Fiberglass Stick Ham Radio Mobile Antenna Why pay more for a name! Similar in design and an excellent replacement for HamStick, Opek and Jetstream fiberglass stick antennas, Workman antennas have a proven record of working great and can be configured in many different ways! Handling 250 Watts, these antennas are ideal.
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The message gets through! My 40 meter NVIS work has been more limited, but I expect to have developed more information by the spring of 2008. The NVIS antenna should be a strong candidate for emergency communications in mountainous terrain! * This article accurately shows the layout of the 75/40 meter antenna •20 meters and above or 80 meters and above •Radials required •Tuner required •Remote tuner at the base is best . Lots of other Verticals Hamstick dipoles . Isotron 80 & 40 mtr models are very narrow band 20 mtr works well Omni- directional Very small & Can be disguised as TV antenna 20 mtr 40 mt 1PCF30 30 METER 100 KHz SKIN 1PCF40 40 METER 75 KHz SKIN 1PCF60 60 METER 40 KHz SKIN 1PCF75 75 METER 40 KHz SKIN Power rated at 350 watt P.E.P. Bottom section: 3/8 Heavy duty fiberglass rod, 20 Gauge copper wire, Standard 3/8-24 thread ferrule Top section: .125 17-7 Stainless steel tip. 5-BTV covers 10, 15, 20, 40 & 75 or 80 6-BTV covers 10, 15, 20, 30 40 & 75 or 80 Can be disguised as flagpoles if necessary. Removing the stubs from the models that use them will require retuning the antenna, but that is not difficult. Cushcraft R-8 Covers 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40 does require radials 28.5 feet tall, may require guy About 8 years ago I did an A/B comparison between a ham friend's Hamstick and my Hustler mast with a standard 75 meter resonator installed. The Hamstick was 2 1/2 dB worse than the Hustler set-up. The Hustler with their kilowatt resonator was 1 dB worse than the Hustler standard resonator. Eventually I re-wound the Hustler kilowatt resonator

Will work 75 meters (resonant about 3.920 mhz), 40 m, 20 m, with little to no touch up from the tuner. Will work 17 m, 15 m, and 10 m with light touch up from tuner. Have not tried it on 6 m, but suspect it might work there, too. Let me know. We have worked, from the Louisiana Gulf Coast, from coast to coast on Field Day, NY to CA, on 20 m and. Details about MFJ-2275, 75 Meter Mini-Dipole Includes MFJ-347 & 2 MFJ-1675T Hamstick Antennas. 2 product ratings. 5.0 average based on 2 product ratings. 5. 5 Stars, MFJ-1620T 20 Meter HF Hamstick Style Mobile Antenna - Authorized Dealer. AU $41.45. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping

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3. We'll I've read up on the Hamstick dipole, In brief they do work ok for the 17 meter band up to 6 meters actually the 10 & 6 meter version would resemble a extended zepp as long as both whips are insulated from the mast. For 75/80 meters their nothing like a full size 1/2 wave dipole. The only benifit is the phisical size, they have to be. > RG-59u 75 ohm bulk > RG-6u 75 ohm Bulk > RG-8X mini 8 u; Mobile Antennas > Antenna Genre Adapters > Beehive Mount 3-8x 24 > Cab Side mount 3-8x 24 > Cable Assemblies for mounts > Hatchback or Door Lip Mount > Hatchback or Door Lip Mount - > L Bracket NMO-UHF > magnet mounts NMO-UHF- 3-8x 24 > mirror mounts > Mobile Antenna Ground Plane Kit. Portable Antenna Band: 75 meters With MFJ Mini Dipole Antennas, there's no reason to miss that sked on 20-meters! In fact, you may select any HF band, including 6-meter VHF, and still make your sked while camping, vacationing, away on DX-pedition, or just plain traveling

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  1. Reflector 1/2 element = 91.75 inches (233.0 Cm) This is using the regular Lakeview Hamsticks. The PHF type are much better and you do not have to readjust or mark the whips. I worked XZ7A on CW with the beam and 80 watts, so apparently it works. A frequency run and measured SWR is as follows
  2. A 40-meter NVIS Portable Dipole Concept: I constructed this 40-meter dipole to readily switch between wire elements and loaded hamstick elements. The center mast connecting component is the MFJ-347 Double T Pipe Mount. It mounts easily to any mast up to 1/25 diameter, and I use an extendable painter's pol
  3. The 75 meter resonator covers 3.7 through 4.00 MHz in 12 steps. The bandwidth of each coil tap is 20 kHz between 2:1 upper and Lower SWR points, and 30 kHz between 3:1 upper and lower SWR points. Fine-tuning at each coil tap is done by adjusting the length of the three-foot whip

The stainless steel whip is adjustable for lowest SWR. Includes Allen wrench and complete tuning and matching instructions. Handles 250 Watts PEP. About 7 feet tall fully extended and collapses to 4 feet for easy storage. These MFJ monobanders are available for 6 Meters and each HF band. Simply screws into any 3/8 x 24 female mount for quick. If you're looking for a low cost solution for a portable hamstick antenna pole for your ham radio, then check out this video. In the tutorial, you'll find out how to make this temporary mount that can be used when going out into the wild or just hanging around your home. This should be low cost, and easy to build. There are two parts of the video, one showing you how to make it and the other. MFJ MFJ-1606T 50 MHz Mobile HamStick Vertical Antenna - 7 Feet Tall - 3/8-24 Base 250 Watts. HRO Discount Price: $19.95 * Buy It *After Coupons & Promotions Lakeview 9175 HamStick 75 meter Mobile Antenna . Pre-Owned. C $96.61. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now +C $120.77 shipping. from United States. H S Z p Q o K n 0 L I N N s 4 T o r e d. PROCOMM PCF20B 20m MONO BAND HAM VERTICAL MOBILE HF ANTENNA HAMSTICK STYLE 500W. Brand New. C $56.71. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller

Take your time. 5. SWR= [1 + sqrt (r/f)] / [1 - sqrt (r/f)] if you want to double check the meter. The antenna works at 1.5 SWR for 50.100 MHz when set up on the dot at the 4 point on the whip. The antenna works at 1.5 SWR for 52.525 MHz when set up on the dot at the 5.75 point on the whip Use MFJ-347 Mini Dipole Mounts to build your own single-band mini dipole using two HF (or 6-meter) mobile whips! Just add a couple of 3/8 in. 24-thread whips and you'll have an instant dipole! These mounts fit masts up to 1.250 in. in diameter. They feature heavy-duty, solid-aluminum construction for durability and corrosion resistance

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MFJ-2212, 12 Meter Mini-Dipole Includes MFJ-347 & 2 MFJ

MFJ-1675T, 75 Meter Hamstick Antenna 250 Watts, 3/8 X 24

  1. 75 METER MOBILE ANT 3/8 X 24 THD BLACK $19.95 Out of Stock : Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages: 1 . Shopping Cart: 0 items: Follow us on Facebook JETSTREAM JTPS32MAB 30 Amp Power Supply $89.95: YAESU FTM3100R 65W 2m Mobile $147.89: ICOM IC7610 HF SDR $2999.95 Until 09/30/21
  2. HAMSTICK 9002 9117 9120 9140 9175 Antenna Description. Fast shipping. 5 HAMSTICK 75m, 40m, 20m, 17m, 2m, 600w mobile ham antenna WD4BUM all new and sealed. Lakeview HAMSTICK please look carefully at all photos and bid accordingly 100% positive feedback. Availability: in stock and ready to ship
  3. 80-10 meter OCF antenna layout. For the PAL-OCF8010 with 200 feet of RG213 feed line and an average height of 30 feet: For the PAL8010OCF, the impedance is very well behaved in a limited, easy to match range throughout the 1-30 MHz range and, in fact, that antenna also works very well on 6 meters with very good gain
  4. g. In our example that would be a trim for about 14.287 MHz, or a dipole length of about 32.75 feet (32 feet, 9 inches)
  5. 31″ : One pair, 31″ overall length each legThis is the maximum length available. $8.00. . Select Your Mount and Radial Sets. Plain Ground Plane Mount $17.95 USD BNC Ground Plane Mount $18.95 USD SO239 Stud Ground Plane Mount $24.90 USD N Ground Plane Mount $26.90 USD. NOTE: The Ground Radial prices are based on combined shipping
  6. During a test by WOIPL, they used a 75-meter dipole at a height of 30 feet. They found the communications to be difficult. They set up a second dipole at a height of 8 feet. The background noise went from S7 to S3 and the communications with stations 25 miles and further, greatly improved. Many people find the 10 to 15 foot height to be ideal..

  1. Latest page update: 7 August 2019. INTRODUCTION. This page is a collection of short vertical antennas that I built over the years, for the 80 mtr band. With short I mean between 3 and 10% of λ. That is a lot shorter than a standard 1/4 λ vertical. Anything less than 75% of full-size is actually a real compromise
  2. Narrow bandwidth on hamstick. A hamstick on 75 and 40 meters is severely compromised, it's never going to outperform a full size wire antenna. Logged cooter. Novice Prepper; Posts: 61; Karma: +0/-0; Re: Last Man Standing Station. « Reply #5 on: March 30, 2021, 07:51:25 AM.
  3. Optimize antenna for use in a particular Amateur Radio Contest called the Virginia QSO Party. Modify existing 80m dipole to cover entire 500 kHz width of the band. Ensure it works in the Inverted V configuration. It's Monday (March 11) and this needs to be done by Friday (March 15). Keep costs below $100
  4. 13406 SE 32nd Street, Bellevue, WA 98005 l 425.453.1910 l support@steppir.com 2 Elevated Mounting: Advantages Disadvantages >90% efficient with two .25 wl radials Mounting is generally more involved Antenna is generally more in the clear, so surrounding objects don't cause as muc
  5. But that was on 40 meters, through a 40 meter hamstick, and I was running 50 watts CW (so probably no more than 10 watts out) and I only garnered a 549 signal report (he was 589 to me, but running a kilowatt). I honestly won't use an 80/75 hamstick for pretty much anything because there are better antennas out there
  6. While I don't recommend a hamstick much below 20 meters, 40 on a good day, a 75 or 80 meter hamstick (or two) also works quite well as a counterpoise. Also I've yet to see one of those hamstick dipoles work under 40 meters. On 75 meters, with 100 watts, a guy 20 miles away from me couldn't hear me. I was trying it as a camping antenna

An 80 M half-wave off-center-fed dipole, with a feedpoint at about a 22.5% offset from one end, will give access to all HF bands from 80 meters up to 10 meters. The best transmission line to use in such a case is 450 ohm ladder line for its extremely low loss characteristic > hamsticks. I have a full set of hamstick whips from 80m down to 6m. > > So I have a multiband hamstick dipole array! HRBE-I think it was the December, 2007, issue of QST that had an article on the Octopus antenna made of 4 pairs of mobile whips for 75/40/20/15 meters. I plan to also add a vertical 10 Meter whip 75/80 meter bands. The Hustler® 5-BTV is approximately 24 feet tall. The Hustler® 6-BTV is a six-band trap vertical antenna. The 6-BTV is designed to provide excellent performance on the 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 75/80 meter bands, using four traps and the RM-80S resonator. The design of the 6-BTV is sleek Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee

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Pcf-75 Meter Rotating Dipole Ham Radio Antenna Procomm Antennas Mount Haminator (25.2% similar) Total tip-to-tip length of the assemble dipole is approximately 15 feet. Provides all you need and saves money. The first and third picture shows it mounted horizontally with two antennas to create dipole Each kit includes (2) MFJ-1675T - 75 Meter Hamsticks and (1) MFJ-347 Mini Dipole Mount. Specifications: Portable Antenna Band: 75 meters Portable Antenna Type: Dipole Portable Antenna Power Rating: 250 W PEP Portable Antenna Connector: SO-239, UHF female Mounting Clamp Included: Yes Minimum Mast Size:0.750 in. Maximum Mast Size:1.250 in Pro Tip: The 15 Meter band is on roughly the 3rd Harmonic of the 40 Meter Band, so you can use a pair of the 40s for both bands. USA Made!! Single Band Hamstick Antenna Pairs. Available in 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 60, and 75 Meters. All are appx 96 (6M is 48) tall when assembled and have standard 3/8-24 threads. Rated at 500 Watts MFJ-1675T 75 Meter HF Hamstick Style Mobile Antenna. MFJ-1675T 75 Meter HF Hamstick Style Mobile Antenna,Style Mobile Antenna MFJ-1675T 75 Meter HF Hamstick,Buy MFJ-1675T - 75 Meter HF Hamstick Style Mobile Antenna: Antennas - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases, Free Next Day Delivery Tide flow fashion products Special offer Every day by day Authenticity Guaranteed Ready to ship.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PROCOMM PCF75B 75m MONO BAND HAM VERTICAL MOBILE HF ANTENNA HAMSTICK STYLE 500W at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products They are small, lightweight, efficient, and super easy-to-use. Dual center and distributed loading lets you radiate efficiently -- you get more power out for working DX and ragchewing. Simply screws into any 3/8 x 24 female mount (Mount Not Included) for quick band-changing Wire Antenna for 75 and 80 Meters-- From Ross W1HBQ 40M/80M Trap Dipole -- From QRZ 80/40 Meter Vertical From EI7BA 80 Metre Slinky Dipole For QRP - From M0WYM 80 Meter Inverted Vee From GERRY VE3GK 80 Meter Antenna-- Reduced Size For Small Lots 2 EL SHORT BOOM 80M YAGI From VE6WZ

Wanted: 17 Meter mobile antenna. $ 0. Looking for used 17meter mobile antenna, similar to a Hustler RM-17 resonator (and whip) or Workman/Hamstick 17M. Trying to avoid mail order and expensive shipping. Can pick up on and around Vancouver Island Saw that I had room to extend at least 3 of the forty meter radials to 1/4 wave plus for 75 meters, did that and left the remaining 40 meter radials still part of the elevated counterpoise. Resulting SWR after extending the 3 radials actually went up slightly. Figured that was likely due to further reduction of the feed point impedance The DX Engineering DXE-7580VA-1 80/75 meter band vertical antenna is tunable down to 3650 kHz center frequency with 300 kHz bandwidth. This means that operation on the CW DX frequencies and DX Phone frequencies is within range of most radio internal tuners - no antenna changes are necessary to switch frequencies The 160 meter version of a Hamstick type antenna is one of the cheapest, long, thin dummy loads I've ever seen. No fluids to find and buy, fairly unobtrusive, and certainly different. And it can be painted in many different colors to match your vehicle! Although I haven't seen one specifically for 60 meters Hustler RM-75 75 Meter Resonator. Hustler RM-75 75 Meter Resonator Power Rating 400 Watts Approximate Bandwidth 2:1 SWR or better: 25-30 kHz $34.95. Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. Hustler | sku: HUS-RM-60. Hustler RM-60 60 Meter Resonator. Hustler RM-60 60 Meter Resonator Power Rating 400 Watts.

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RS10 Light Stand CRM Mount AX-75 Hamstick Case Light Stand with UHF/VHF Vertical Antenna and Horizontal Dipole Hamsticks Antenna Hamstick, 9160, 60 meter 8', 3/8-24 whips (1/4 wavelength) (tools required) - $30. But 80,75, and 40 is a good workable setup. With his 40 meter hamstick, it works 40, 30, 20, and 17 meter bands but the antenna [in a past life] has been damaged in a fall off vehicle. His 20 meter hamstick tunes 40, 30, 20, and 17 and I have gotten decent reports on this one Since 12 meters covers the frequency range of 24.89 to 24.99 MHz you can use a few algebraic formulas to compute antenna sizes. Antennas for 12 meters are similar in size and design as 10 meter antennas. In fact a good tuner will make a 10 or 11 meter antennas work just fine on 12 meters. This formula: 234/f can be explained by dividing 234 by.

Also, hamstick dipoles I have are low power (125W max). (3) could handle at least five hundred watts of (recently installed in the shack) Elecraft KPA500. I came back last week with MFJ-1775 multiband (10-15-20-40m) rotatable dipole, assembled it, tuned and tested during the 2018 ARRL DX SSB Contest this weekend. Here are my impressions Using 3.75 pf/ft for base loading, 1.9 pf/ft for center loading. Calculate the inductance needed for resonating the antenna. Calculate the radiation resistance (base loaded or center loaded). Determine the Total System Resistance. Calculate the antenna efficiency Above is my Hamstick dipole on the homebrew tripod. I had an old wooden tripod for a telescope I had as a kid so I modified that to hold the Hamstick dipole. The water jug hanging from it is to give it ballast against the wind. That crude setup is from spending too many years on the farm! :>) Above is a closeup of the tripod It is easy to build, construct and erect a dipole antenna for the HF bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 metres, etc using a few simple components at a minimal cost and get great results. Dipoles are one of the simplest antennas to build or construct and erect for the HF amateur radio bands, and on top of this they can be very effective. Dipoles are.

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75 Meter Turnstile Antenna; Categories Antennas Tags 40m, Field Day, measurement, NEC, NVIS, Simulation Post navigation. EME on a Budget - Part 3. Asy Hat Vertical Dipole. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam Coax Cables Most CB and HAM radio operators use coaxial (coax) cable to feed their antenna. Another name for the cable you use to hook your radio to your antenna is feed line. Feed line is a generic term for all types of cable including coax\u0006. Coax has been around for a long time andRead More..

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A 160-meter system might require 16 feet of counterpoise height, and that will directly subtract from effective radiator height. If we don't isolate the ground path in this small non-resonant radial system, as much as 5 dB loss can occur. If you have a small untuned counterpoise on or near earth, or connected to earth through cable shields or. The physical length of any HF antenna is critical to achieving resonance and good performance on a particular band. Dipoles need to be half a wavelength long, locating these long antennas can be an issue, especially when we are aiming for the 80 metre band or lower. However, we can reduce the space needed to a quarter wavelength if we decide to. Antenna for 40 Meters Antenna: 40 meters, Range: 7.0 to 7.3 MHz Good 40 meters antennas are easy to build with nothing more than readily available materials. Since 40 meters covers the frequency range of 7.0 to 7.3 MHz you can use a few algebraic formulas to compute antenna sizes 75 Meter Super Resonator: 50- 60 kHz: 1000 watts: $69.00: $54.98 : RM-80S: 80 Meter Super Resonator: 50- 60 kHz: 1000 watts: Not currently stocked: The table below shows various mounts and accessories. Click underlined model number to view. Order # Model Description List Price Your Price Order #1963: BM-1: Bumper Mount: $41.00 Shop for ready-made Dipole Antennas here. The best NVIS antenna is one which is simple and effective. One favorite is the dual-band dipole. This antenna uses two dipoles, one for 75 meters (about 122 feet), and one for 40 meters (about 65 feet), both connected directly to 50-ohm coax and supported at 5 points by trees at 10-12 feet

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75 Meter Mobile Antenna. $45.99. More Info. Procomm PCF80. 80 Meter Mobile HF Antenna. $45.99. More Info. Shark S-F10. 10 Meter Mobile Antenna Hamstick Antennas 1 ea 75 Meter -- $15 1 ea 40 Meter-- $15 1 ea 20 Meter-- $15 1 ea 17 Meter-- $15 1 ea 6 Meter-- $15 OutbackerOutreach 160-10M multi-tap vertical mobile/portable - 12 feet assembled -- $150 Outpost counterpoise tripod for vertical antennas (e.g. Outbacker, Hustler, Hamstick, etc.) --$13 mobile antennas category is a curation of 57 web resources on , Bandhopper, Center loaded mobile antenna, Antenna Mounts. Resources listed under Mobile antenna category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators 4:1 ratio. As an example, a 28-31 foot wire will typically allow 40 thru 10 meter coverage and a 43-50 foot wire will provide access to 80 thru 10 meters. Longer wire is always more efficient but is usually best kept under 300 feet in overall length. Above 300 feet the characteristics of a Beverage antenna begin to show up My systems are normalized at 75- ohms for several reasons: 1.) 75-ohm feed produces a wider VSWR bandwidth than 50-ohm feed systems, the swamping resistive losses are about 50% higher. 2.) CATV cable suitable for direct burial is inexpensive and connectors are inexpensive, reliable, and easy to install

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My first test was to have 80 and 40 meters on one dipole. 15 and 10 meters were short enough to hang at other angles in the yard, but 80 and 40 only fit running the length of the driveway. I noticed two things. First, I used a perfectly tuned 80 meter dipole to add the 40 meter antenna under. When I did, the 80 meter dip dropped in frequency meters, 75 kHz of 80 meters and the entire 40-meter band with SWRs under 2:1. The bandwidth limitations on 160 and 80 meters can be largely offset with an antenna tuner. Title: Build a Space Efficient Dipole Antenna for 40, 80 and 160 Meters Created Date Shark HF Stick Mobile Hamstick Antenna Review. by kb9vbr | Jul 7, 2021 | Reviews. Shark Antennas Hamsticks are mono band HF antennas that consist of a fiberglass mast with integrated coil and 48 inch stainless steel whip. In this video I review the 10, 15, 20, 40, and 75 meter Shark Hamsticks and give a solution on how to fix the poor SWR of. For Sale: - Hamstick Antenna 1 ea 75 Meter — $15; For Sale: - Hamstick Antenna 1 ea 40 Meter- $15; For Sale: - Outbacker Outreach 160-10M multi-tap vertical mobile/portable - 12 feet assembled — $150; For Sale: - Outpost counterpoise tripod for vertical antennas (e.g. Outbacker, Hustler, Hamstick, etc.) -$13 I decided on a 75 to 10 meter operating frequency range for a workable antenna. Another major factor was the available clearance height of the installed antenna. Since the antenna would be mounted on top of the van for good radiation efficiency on 75 and 40 meters, I knew that I would be limited in overall antenna length 20, 15, 10 Meter Fan Dipole at 28 feet (8.5 meters) with East-West Broadside {Note common mode choke (Ugly Balun) homemade with 15 turns of RG8X on plastic coffee container} 20 Meter Hamstick Dipole at 43 feet (13.1 meters) with North-South Broadside : Fan Dipole (Foreground) and Hamstick Dipole (Upper Background) (Click Image for larger picture