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  2. Our award winning photo lab has 40+ yrs of quality film developing & scanning. Professional photo lab for 35mm, 120, 110 from only $12. C-41, E-6 & B&
  3. Professional Photo Printing to Fine Art Reproduction. Whether you seek pigment printing, film scanning, fine art reproduction, black-and-white photo processing or alternative processes, we deliver, serving your printing needs as a fully integrated professional printing lab

Colorlab is a full-service motion picture film lab. We process 16mm & 35mm film and also offer printing, preservation, scanning, and digitizing Now offering scanning and printing services for Lomography and other Toy Camera film processes and your negatives are always returned to you! Print Lab. Colortek of Boston provides high quality, digital printing services ranging from our new HD Photographic Printer: Noritsu Green II to our custom Epson K3 Ultra Chrome Pigment Prints. Both. Our highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable photo lab technicians use impeccably maintained state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and techniques to ensure that your photos or video projects are of the highest possible quality. Our wide range of services include scanning, printing, mounting, laminating, processing film, editing film. We process, print and scan your medium format film in our lab, including 120 and 220 format C41, E6 and black and white film. We know that it can be difficult to find a lab to handle your medium format and 4x5 film processing and printing, but we continue to handle professional film every day - and we do it right Here at NCPS's film processing lab in Carlsbad, we only print photographic prints using Noritsu digital wet lab machines. We don't print canvas, metal, acrylic, greeting cards or other products printed with an inkjet printer. We focus on creating beautiful true photographic prints on Fuji crystal archive paper

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Your film deserves a high-quality scan. We use a Fujifilm Frontier for all of our 35mm and 120 film, ensuring accurate color rendition and scans that have enough sharpness to make a beautiful print. Large format film and prints are scanned on Epson flatbed scanners by trained technicians to ensure the highest fidelity We know why you print. Print Now. Text or Call. +1 (817) 731-1555. Mon-Friday. 10am - 6pm. Drop off box available. 5033 Camp Bowie Blvd, 76107. Email us 16mm, 35mm, 65/70mm processing and printing. 2K / 4K / 8K scanning & 4K / 8K film recording. Gotham Photochemical. 3610 W Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505. US. www.gpclab.com. contact@gpclab.com. Kodak Film Lab Atlanta (Delivery and Drop Off) 2156 Faulkner Road Harman Lab can process, scan and print from 35mm, 120 and large format / sheet black and white film. We can print traditional black and white photos from film or digital files. All prints are made on ILFORD silver gelatin paper

212-254-4345. Close to Enter Site. Professional Film Processing Lab. Established since 2000 and expertise in film and digital services. Welcome to Bleeker Digital Solutions, a custom photo lab offering professional film processing and printing as well as state of the art digital imaging services. For more than 20 years, we have serviced. Pricing for Film Reprints & Enlargements from 35mm Negatives or Long Roll (uncut) 35mm Positives is equal to our prints from digital pricing. For prints from Slide-Mounted 35mm Positives, old B&W negatives, 120/220 Negatives or 120/220 Positives there is an additional fee of $0.99 per print

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  1. Develop and Print turnaround is normally 2-4 working days in the lab. Our Refrema dip and dunk film processors are strictly controlled and the black and white machines use ILFORD chemistry. By using Refrema dip and dunk processors, your film is never touched during processing except by nitrogen aerated chemistry
  2. Here is a list of Black and White Labs we recommend: Big lab based out of California offering color, E6, and black and white processing. Ilford's own Harman Lab based out of California specializing in black and white processing. This lab also offers classic silver printing and making silver prints from digital files
  3. Chin himself refuses to turn to digital photography and his dedication to film has paid off. Many print labs are now competing for the same digital customers while Chin's print lab can proudly.
  4. Film Scanning. We've made a name for ourselves as the partner of choice for demanding film photographers. To get there we rely on one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology available: the human eye. Our experts look closely at your images, frame-by-frame, and make sure our scans are done consistently—and consistently well
  5. Our Film Services. Richard is more interested in doing things the right way than chasing fat margins—cutting corners just isn't our style. Dedication to our craft and a keen eye for precision are what fuels our premium services. We work with you to personalize these services to your needs. So, whether you're a professional photographer.
  6. Welcome to Ag PHOTO LAB Best in Professional & Art Photographic Services Ag Photo Lab offers Film processing, including, E6 slide processing, Colour negative C41, Black & White film processing, process and print, film Scanning and digital C-Type printing. 35mm processing developing and 120 processing and developing

Color print film C41 processing & printing by people who love film. We began processing film here in our lab in 1984, and today we continue to provide the highest quality film developing and printing for photographers in the Kansas City area as well as across the country Our labs are equipped to process all types of film including color negatives and Black and white and color transparencies in 35 mm and a range of sizes. We develop, scan and print color and black and white film using sophisticated color analysis software to balance color, contrast, saturation, dust and correct hair removal BHP Modular Contact Printer. Colorlab's panel printers are used for dry release printing, loop printing, and special projects. 35mm 200 feet per minute. Michelson Lights Valves. Sound Printing Capabilities: Analog Optical Dolby Digital SDDS DTS

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You found the right lab. We're glad you're here! We create scans catered to your vision—so you can spend less time editing and more time doing what you love. Your film is always handled with the utmost care. Your scans are checked for quality and consistency by 3 of our world-class color technicians before they ever hit your inbox At Nichols Photo Lab, Inc., our goal is to create excellent prints for professional photographers. With our state-of-the-art equipment and team of highly trained personnel, we provide digital and film processing at our photo lab in Salt Lake City, UT. Whether you're printing photos from your clients' wedding day or their favorite snapshots.

B&W Photo Lab provides traditional black and white film processing and printing from any size negative, including glass plates. Our lab is located in the State Theatre Building in the heart of the arts district in Portland, Maine. COVID-19 UPDATE. We are OPEN for business! The building is now open, and there is a drop box available until 6 p.m. when the building doors are locked Boutique Film Lab is a great lab for C-41, B&W and E-6. They can process roll film and sheet film up to 4×5. High quality scans and excellent customer service We can process most film sizes ranging from 135 roll film to 8×10 sheet film. Signature Scan Resolutions We feel resolution is pretty darn important, that's why our Signature normal scans give you the freedom to print stunning 24×30s straightaway, but also license to crop your work and still make good-looking prints Products for Digital and Film Photographers . We offer complete professional lab services and the latest in photography products to digital and film photographers of all specialties. From general photographic color printing to portraiture work, BWC's products meet the needs of both professional photographers and aspiring hobbyists

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Seattle Photo Lab, prints, Panda, Panda Lab, 206 285-7091. 533 Warren Ave North. Seattle WA 98109. Panda Lab is dedicated to the proposition that the custom photo lab should not become an endangered species. We founded Panda in 1983 to provide superior traditional black & white processing and printing to the most demanding professional. We print ANYTHING on EVERYTHING. It's what we do. Inside Holland Photo Imaging, you'll find a team of dedicated professionals committed to helping you get the best out of your creative projects. Whether you're looking to develop your film, preserve precious family photos, print on unique surfaces such as metal or wood, or create promotional. Digital Pro Lab, a full service professional photo lab, with digital photo printing, film services, die-cut wallets, canvas and more. Serving photographers and photo enthusiasts alike. Located in San Antonio, Texas

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  1. 20% OFF PHOTO PRINTS & BOXES. Jun 21 - Jul 7. Learn more. ORDER WITH BRI ROES. Great for Pros! Download ROES for Faster Ordering. Learn more. NEW! ENGRAVING FOR ACRYLIC BLOCKS
  2. Cibachrome is the most spectacular print material in existence, it lasts forever if you keep your fingerprints off it, and it prints directly from film without needing to scan. The Lab , Burbank (Los Angeles), California
  3. Mail order film processing and scanning photo lab for E-6, C-41 and black & white processes; silver gelatin prints; and traditional darkroom rental service. Darkroom printing orientation and familiarization sessions are available for the uninitiated
  4. Film Processing. We offer professional C41 color negative film processing and Black & White negative film processing services with scanning and printing options. Our lab brings 40 years of experience to the table plus highly-experienced technicians and precision Refrema dip-and-dunk film processors
  5. Photographic paper is the type of paper that people have been getting prints on since Kodacolor paper was invented in 1942. The paper is light-sensitive and is run through a series of chemicals to develop it. This paper can be printed on digitally or optically, and is standard in most modern labs
  6. Print film, black & white, or E6 slide film developing, we can handle it. We've been developing and printing film in our lab since 1984, and we know how to do it right. You can bring your film to us here at our lab, or you can send the film in and we'll get it processed and sent back fast

Photographic lab specializing in the most accurate color. Providing a wide selection of printing materials including canvas and fine art. Also providing in house book and calendar creation, custom framing services, fine art reproduction, fine art printing, video and movie film digital conversions Orange County's premier film photo lab, equipment rental and camera store since 1988. Digital Prints, Gicleé Canvas Prints, Film Developing, Scanning, Retouching and more. Shop for Digital Cameras, Film Cameras, Photography Equipment, Darkroom equipment, etc. Authorized Canon, Nikon, and FujiFilm d Cox Black and White Lab, Inc. » A Custom Photographic Lab Since 1990. Your time is important, so before you make the drive. Please call first to see if we can be of service to you: (916) 631-7275. Open Monday-Thursday 10-4, closed all State & Federal holidays

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Enhance Your Prints. with Deep Matte. If you're looking for a paper to fit your editing style and. elevate your images, you'll love Deep Matte Photo Prints. This luxurious photo paper provides pure whites and elegant. color reproduction with a silky, truly matte surface. Discover Deep Matte Prints. Try Our New Slip-in Mats Pro Film + Digital + Print Lab. Makin' history in the industry since 1970 . Quality obsessed Community driven . Let's develop a relationship! . Tag us #richardphotolab linkin.bio/richardphotolab. Posts IGTV Tagged

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  1. We have been a professional photo lab for 45 years in Seattle, the longest running lab in town. In that amount of time we have seen it all. We still love film! Prints are available from wallets up to 40×60 We are also highly experienced with the digitization and restoration of your old cherished photos
  2. We offer 35mm film processing, 120 film processing, and disposable camera developing. We're also ready to help you with enlargements of any size, just perfect for the perfect frame, gallery wall or photo book. We offer same day developing on Color film (C41) when the film is in the lab by 11am
  3. Traditional film, film processing, lab processing, chemistry, paper, traditional printing processes and conservation
  4. PHOTO AND ART IMAGING CENTER. Complete, high-quality Photo, Art Imaging and Lab Services for Professionals and Consumers. For expert assistance, or help with pricing and quotes, call 480.966.6954 or 800.836.7374, for directions see map. Services and Prices. Send your files to the lab

Printing from negatives is a skill, which is why you should always ensure the lab technician you use is highly trained in this area. The roll of film photographed in this story ended up being. DP Polly Morgan BSC ASC creates pretty-but-horrifying visuals on Kodak 35mm film for 'A Quiet Place Part II'. March 9, 2020. DP Andrew Dunn harnessed Kodak film to bring an inviting look and emotional connection to The United States vs. Billie Holiday. April 6, 2021 Printing Prices Noritsu prints (2.5x3.5 to 12x36) matte or glossy surface. cold, warm or sepia tone (B&W) borders by request - 1/8 minimum. single cut film add $0.50 per image. guide print needed for color matching. Fuji crystal archive paper !! Send Email Orders to: Lab@citizensphoto.co Film Processing C41, color, B&W, E-6 slides, standard, medium and large formats, at the Darkroom Lab we specialize in film processing and treat every set of negatives with exceptional care. Printing - Film Englargements & Digita

Traditional & Digital Printing. From film or file, The Lab offers either Giclee Inkjet printing or our state of the art LaserLightjet printing: unrivalled with respect to colour reproduction, corner to corner sharpness, smooth colour transitions and outstanding archival ability Film Processing and Printing in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Zebra Color Lab has been in downtown for the over 30 years and was located on First Ave North. In 2015 when Kelly and Bruce were about to close the lab and retire Rob Davidson made them an offer to keep the legacy going and keep Film processing alive

Providing quality film developing, digital prints on fine art papers, canvas or metal and many mounting options. Call today for all your digital printing needs! Photoworks San Francisco | SF's Premier Photo Lab The Polaroid Lab uses a 3-lens system to project the screen image from your phone onto Polaroid film to create a physical moment you can treasure for good. Collages made easy Create collages more easily with the Polaroid Originals app. Connect to the Lab and turn one image into a collage of two, four, six, or nine frames in any composition you.

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Meijer Photo Experience. At Meijer Photo we strive to offer convenient one-stop shopping to our customers. This include excellent customer service, low prices, 1-hour and next day photo creation guarantee. We proudly offer our customers free, unlimited, secure storage and photo sharing, access to hundreds of products ready to be personalized, and quick and easy online ordering Independent film & print lab. Proudly serving locals for 26 years — Sam Warren. Can't recommend this lab enough. Staff are super friendly and extremely helpful, turnaround time is the quickest I've seen and they have the best prices in Victoria for both film and processing. I've put about 20 rolls through their lab so far and every one of. Kodak Pro Lab We're here for you with a full compliment of Kodak Pro Materials. We proudly print on Kodak Supra Endura paper, to create outstanding prints that will last. Shipping is Easy Ordering through NEO ROES and having your order shipped directly to your door, is not only green, but its also economical. With our flat $5.00 shipping rate. COVID update: Pro Photo Connection has updated their hours and services. 181 reviews of Pro Photo Connection Pro Photo is the best place to have your film developed in Orange County. Come here for film developing. Go elsewhere for digital film scanning. The friendliness and service is just as consistent now as back when I was a teenage boy photographer; naive and passionate

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  1. 25 4 x 6 Prints From Nations Photo Lab Cost $8.00 ($.32 Per Print) Printing Services to Avoid Amazon's Photo Printing: This service produced the worst images, not just out of this particular test.
  2. Life's a party, print it. Mpix is a photo lab with a big heart for storytelling and creation. Located in Pittsburg, Kansas (follow the yellow brick road), we've watched our little lab blossom into a living, breathing thing of beauty. With unparalleled quality and impeccable service as our guide, we set out on a path to help you create premium.
  3. ute cinematic documentary titled The Light Within a Hundred Square Feet tells the story of Oson Chin — the last film printer left in Documentary Tells the Story of the Last Remaining Chicago Film Print Lab - Flipboar
  4. Price List & Order Form - Film Processing, Resin Coated Prints, Archival Fiber Prints, Sepia & Selenium Toning, Archival Negative Copies, Photo Restoration. Navigation B&W PhotoLab Black and White Film Processing and Printin
  5. Film Lab's cocktail bar is open Thursday-Sunday from 6 p.m.-midnight with happy hour specials available from 6 p.m-8:30 p.m., while their outdoor patio is open for drinks from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. Movies.
  6. us. Has issues with some smartphone cases. The Polaroid Lab ($129.99) is a standalone device that prints instant photos from your smartphone's screen.

When it comes to film, the Mini Link prints only on credit card-sized Instax Mini film (print area of 1.8 x 2.4), which is smaller than Polaroid's iconic square film, but cheaper and. Located in the heart of Fishtown, Indie Photo is a lab dedicated to keeping film photography alive in the Philadelphia area and beyond (check out our mail order option here). We process, scan, and print from all of the current film formats including 35mm and 120 in Color (C-41) and traditional Black & White

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We are a traditional photo finishing lab founded on the one hour film developing market. We evolved into a custom photo finishing and digital archiving business while maintaining our photo lab roots. Our quality and service at Picture Perfect have kept us in business for 32 years Established 1974. Moonphoto is a photo lab that makes higher quality pictures from both film and digital sources. We make great looking award winning giclee prints on archival papers and canvas to 40 x 60 inches. Digital services include scanning, retouching, restorations, and file adjusting. We cater to pro photographers, artists, & other.

The Knoxville Film Lab is an independent film lab inspired by the love and admiration of analog photography. Based in Knoxville, TN., we specialize in C-41 color Kodak chemicals, and traditional black and white hand processed film development utilizing Kodak HC-110, D-76, XTOL, Adox Adonal (Rodinal) ,and Ilford DD-X developers Print Scanning FAST FOTO FILM LAB can take any photos, slides and negatives and professionally scan them to an archival CD or DVD in JPEG or TIFF format that will last for generations. You'll see the difference with our custom PRO SCANS! PRO SCANS include: SCAN each image individually CORRECT color and brightnes We pride ourselves on offering the best quality film processing and printing available. Our staff is always ready to help you with hints and tips for taking better pictures. 120 / 220 Color Film Processing. PRICE. 4x5 Print, each. $0.45 We run a professional quality Photo Lab with knowledgeable and experienced technicians that will make sure that the job is well done. Film Processing, scanning / digitizing, photo printing and Large Format printing are all done on site with exceptional speed and attention to detail Whether you are photographing digitally or remain faithful to film, Dalmatian provides you with the finest and most up to date Black & White services on true Black & White paper. Because we at Dalmatian are so highly passionate about Black & White, your prints will never look better. You want us to work for you

fill out one of our drop box envelopes and leave it for us to collect. You can call or email us to add or verify instructions. 978-777-4686. tfiphoto@aol.com. You can leave film for developing, slides, negatives and prints for scanning or digital media for printing in our. film drop box or the cooler on the deck location 1717 Norman Bridge Road Montgomery, Alabama 36104. Contact orders@indiefilmlab.com 334.219.0550. Social Instagram YouTub At Phoenix Photo Lab, we produce customized high-resolution prints with museum quality materials. Whether film or digital, we can take your images from camera to gorgeous finished display through our developing, digitizing, restoration, printing and framing services

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C-41 film processing - out serviced - 135mm, 120mm, and 220mm. B and W film processing - out serviced - 135mm, 120mm, and 220mm. Slide to print as well as slide to digital. Enlargements and posters. Canvas prints . Reprints from 35mm film. Professional color correction on all photos printed on higher quality pape We offer the best passport service around bar none! Our video transfer services are the best for miles around! Our film processing services are the cats' pajamas man! Our scanning & archiving services will rock your world STANDARD FRAMES. Here are the most common sizes when it comes to frame prints, be aware the rations are often made for 645 images. That's why 35mm look best when framed with a passpartout in these. Feel free to ask us the best frame size to fit your images at framing@carmencitafilmlab.com, we'll be happy to help Description. Convert your digital pictures into analog prints using this Polaroid Lab. The I-Type and 600 series film let you print photos instantly while the built-in LiIon battery is long-lasting and rechargeable via USB. This Polaroid Lab is compatible with iPhones operating with iOS 11 or newer and Android 7 and above Photo Lab established 1987 offering a wide range of photo processing services to local customers or by post including Digital Prints & Enlargements, Film Developing / Printing / Scanning. Rapid turnaround with FREE RETURN POSTAGE

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Ink-Jet printing for surface engineering and thin film fabrication. The term printer has been dedicated to ink-jet printers we use to print documents until the emergence of additive manufacturing and 3D-printers. It still is a prevalent additive manufacturing method since due its high volumetric material deposition resolution (as low as 1. We process film once per week on Wednesday. Film must be dropped off by 1:00 PM. See Detailed Price Sheet for turn-around times. For many there is no substitute for film, and here at McGreevy ProLab & ProPress we take our film processing very seriously. We are perhaps the only lab in upstate New York who provides in-house dip & dunk processing of both color negative an APS film; 120/220 film; Slide film processing. Our lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment to help you save and share your most precious memories. Here is a list of the types of slides that we can print: E-6 Slide Processing. Our out-lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment to help you save and share your most precious memories STANDARD: Great for basic web use, simple editing, and small print output. These scans are 4×6″ at 300dpi (1200 x 1800) which produces an uncompressed file size of 6mb.. HI-RES: Perfect for editing and enlarging. These scans are 8×12″ at 300dpi (2400 x 3600) which produces an uncompressed file size of 25mb. *Most popular option and recommended for most applications